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Ellis Island: 57 years later

On November 29 - 57 years ago-  the greatest monument to a proud history of American immigration was closed. I am talking, of course, about Ellis Island.

The Great Hall

During a 2008 trip to New York, I visited Ellis Island (I’m from the UK) with my family.

Many visitors to New York take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty for that iconic photograph. Fortunately, we had the foresight to remain on the ferry and visit Ellis Island. It was worth it.

Although the architecture of the Main Building (now the Immigration Museum) does hint that Ellis Island comprises an important part of American history, it isn’t until one enters The Great Hall that you realise the sheer number of immigrants that Ellis Island handled. It is very substantial - to anyone’s eyes! Continue reading "Ellis Island: 57 years later" »

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Genealogy News: North America – 30 October 2011

Happy Birthday to the Statue of Liberty, who doesn't look a day over 125! And, in the same general location, Ellis Island has opened the Peopling of America Center.

A major map library has moved into state-of-the-art quarters and the largest collection of Hispanic American newspapers is now online.

In celebration of Halloween or Dia de los Muertos - take your pick - the Genealogy Canada blog will post an updated list of  websites and blogs for Canadian obituaries tomorrow. If you are searching family north of the border, your elusive ancestors may be among records on those websites.

Continue reading "Genealogy News: North America – 30 October 2011" »

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