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Family History: Our ancestors’ breakfasts

Over lunch, in the MyHeritage office, a few of us - from different places, cultures and backgrounds - were discussing the breakfast menus of our birth countries.

It might seem like a mundane lunch topic, but it was interesting to learn what people eat first thing in the morning. For example, there's the "full English" with sausages, beans, bacon, toast and eggs, served up with a ginormous mug of breakfast tea. For the Americans, waffles and pancakes are a regular feature.

Chileans eat various breads with avocado or cheese spreads and a Swedish colleague had a bowl of porridge oats every morning.

Today, most people grab a quick slice of toast or bowl of cereal.

What about our ancestors? Did they eat the same foods? Did they have the same diets?

Most of today's foods weren't available then, such as skim milk, sugary cereals and prepared foods with preservatives and additives. Continue reading "Family History: Our ancestors’ breakfasts" »

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