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MyHeritage: Shared birth, death dates?

What connects William Shakespeare, Ingrid Bergman and Mike Douglas?

All three were famous and had something to do with acting. What unites them is that each died on the same month and day as their birthday.

From left to right: Ingrid Bergman, William Shakespeare and Mike Douglas

From left: Ingrid Bergman, William Shakespeare and Mike Douglas

English poet, playwright and actor William Shakespeare was born April 23 1564; and died on the same month and day in 1616. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in English literature and someone who revolutionized theater.

Born the third of eight children to John Shakespeare - a glover, trader and a local politician - and Mary Arden.  John and Mary were cousins - their mothers were sisters. This type of marriage was not unusual in 16th-century England.

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