22    Oct 20117 comments

Poll results: Citing your sources

I will be the first to admit that this week’s poll wasn’t the most successful we’ve run on the blog- somehow citations didn’t elicit a particularly raucous response from the community! That said, of the 123 responses that we did receive, it was clear that views on the subject were fairly polarised.

25% of respondents deemed that if a source isn’t cited, it doesn’t constitute research. The largest group of respondents (38%) agreed that “most” of their sources were cited. Surprisingly, over 33% had either “tried their best” or seemingly didn’t know what a citation was.

For the ease of effort that goes into citing sources (especially with modern software tools) you can benefit from the peace of mind and the ability to share your research with professionals and others. I’d highly recommend starting to cite your sources from day one, however.

Fortunately, MyHeritage products make citing your sources a cinch. Here are a few useful pointers for getting started: Continue reading "Poll results: Citing your sources" »

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