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Diaries: Windows to the past

Many of us have treasured items that have been passed onto us by previous generations.

Recently, Mark Rigg (Stockport, UK) was going through his attic, when he found a treasure he never knew existed.

His great-aunt, Annie Droege, was a British woman living in Germany during WWI. What Mark didn't know was that Annie had kept a diary of her experiences.

She recounts her emotions of spending the war in Germany, and having German friends fighting against her British friends and family.

At one point, Annie and her family were under siege in their own home, as a mob from the nearby village descended upon them.

Mark was excited by the discovery, and decided to publish the diary to demonstrate the hardships of life during the Great War. He dedicated the book to the 16.5 million people who lost their lives.

No other artifact or family heirloom - other than personal diaries - helps us understand the lives and emotions of the previous generations.

Have you inherited a family diary or journal? What did you learn from it?

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More British Royal Joy As Zara Phillips Gets Married On The Weekend

There certainly wasn’t as much hype as for her cousin, William’s, £20 Million wedding, but another British Royal, Zara Phillips was married on the weekend.

Zara, the eldest grand-daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and the only daughter of Princess Anne, has always been revered for her willingness to maintain some semblance of normalcy in her life despite the surreal surroundings of British royalty.

Below is Zara's family branch from the British Royal Family Tree

You can see the whole tree on MyHeritage.com by clicking here

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