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Christening: Welcoming a new baby

Prince George of Cambridge's christening  will take place today.

The christening of a new baby is a momentous occasion for many families. It’s a great way to welcome a new baby into the world and to celebrate their arrival with family and friends. Many religions have similar ceremonies with that in mind.

Traditionally, the ceremony includes appointing godparents for the baby. In the past, they were chosen based on the belief that the godparent would lead and guide the child in faith. Today, close friends or relatives are chosen to play an important role in the child’s life.  It’s lovely for a child to have a close relative or family friend with whom they can have a close relationship while growing up.

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Family: Welcoming the newest member!

My wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy yesterday. What a special moment for our family – to witness such a miracle.

We’ve heard many special, moving, incredible and sometimes funny birth stories from relatives and other women in the hospital. I’m now wondering how common it is to have an unusual delivery story.

There are somewhat common cases, such as giving birth in the car – not quite making it to the hospital – or in a bathroom, and there are those more unique cases as welcoming the newest member of the family on a plane or in a department store.

Those last two examples come with their own urban legends. Rumor has it that if you give birth on a plane, you receive free flights for life, and if you give birth in a department store, it provides many gifts for baby and mother.

Our delivery in a hospital seems rather mundane in comparison!

What unusual birth stories do you have in your family? Were any of your relatives born in unusual circumstances? Did you give birth on a plane and get free flights?

We’d love to hear about your experiences. Share them in the comments below.

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Most Popular Baby Names of the 20th Century

Ever wondered how the most popular baby names have changed over the past 100 or so years?

Well BabyCenter.com has a great list of the most popular baby names of each decade during the 20th century.

I've included links to their list below as well as the top 3 boys and girls names for each decade, but click on the year and you'll be taken through to a longer list of names.

For me the most fascinating thing is, despite how much society has changed, how little the most common names have varied.

I'd be keen to hear how many of you had names that made the list every decade, or had names that didn't feature in one.

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