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MyHeritage: A Basque connection

Rodolfo Almar Hegoburu

Rodolfo Almar Hegoburu

Rodolfo Almar Hegoburu, 68, has always been interested in his Basque ancestors.

Born in Argentina, he received a PhD (Physics) at the University of La Plata (Argentina) and did post-doctorate studies at the University of Nottingham (UK). He has worked in Argentina, UK, Canada and the US, but spends a fair amount of time in Argentina.

Now retired, he lives in the US with his wife. He has three children.

He’s been interested in his ancestors since he was a youngster.

However, I became really interested in doing some research in my family genealogy only a few years ago. The help of a friend – with a lot more experience - has been instrumental.

He’s become intrigued by the Basque people, in general.

Some say that they were the first inhabitants of Europe, with a language that seemingly has no relation to any other Indo-European languages. Their history is fascinating.

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From Argentina to Australia – One Man’s Search Across the World For His Family

This post first appeared in the Spanish MyHeritage blog and has been translated into English for all to enjoy.

It was written by MyHeritage community member Kenneth Arthur Marlow Araujo and his wife Betty Edith Dons-Blædel


An interest in genealogy - researching who our elderly have been and what they have done, the problems they faced and how they resolved them -  is common to most who dare to publish a tree, starting with their parents and grandparents, and continuing as far back as they can.

This search probably involves a desire for identity, of belonging, that today is exacerbated by the speed at which changes take place, cosmopolitanism prevails in society in general. The mass of human beings.

In his Politics, Aristotle said that humans are social animals. In fact, today we live in cities, like cattle or flocks, without identity. Whoever we are, we have the feeling that there are thousands like us, and we have the feeling of fading into a gray background. Grayed by the speed with which our lives run.

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