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On the Cheap: Five Tips to Preserve and Store Documents.

A paper-shaped nightmare.

It’s easy to forget about those precious documents littered around the home.

With the advent of digital data, many of us have become preoccupied with the preservation and backup of our trees and digital files. Of course, backing up this valuable data is an important consideration; but spare a thought for the birth certificates lurking in your damp conservatory or the "ancient" family photos slowly degrading in the attic.

These are the items that will be passed down regardless of software platform, waves of technology or- heaven forbid- a mass data loss on your system. Many speak of the “tangible experience” and nowadays it isn’t just luddites championing the cause.

We must take full responsibility of the documents entrusted to us or they risk an uncertain future; one where less fulfilling digital copies could be the sole record of their existence. In our recent poll, over 40% of respondents said that their precious documents were “in a box somewhere” – a little worrying considering how that very box could pose an acid-threat. Continue reading "On the Cheap: Five Tips to Preserve and Store Documents." »

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Deciphering English Script: Tutorials from Brigham Young University

We’ve all got friends and relatives with seemingly indecipherable handwriting, but as any historian knows, even the messiest scrawl from today doesn’t have a patch on early modern script.

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