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Competition: The oldest wedding photo?

Springtime is here and the wedding season is near.

Wedding photos preserve your unique family legacy and document memories in your family history research.

We want to know the stories behind your ancestors' wedding photos.

In February, our colleague Justyna received a stunning 1932 wedding photograph via the MyHeritage Polish Facebook page, from a member.

Wedding Photo 1932

With that photo’s popularity, we wanted to see more of our members' family memories.

What's your oldest wedding photo of an ancestor?

Share your photos of your ancestors' weddings, a brief description of the people, and the date and place where they were married.

The oldest photos - with the most interesting stories - will be posted on our blog and our Facebook page. Readers will decide the winner.

One lucky winner will receive a one-year Premium subscription and a one-year data subscription.

Send photos by April 22 (with description, date and place) with the subject "Wedding Competition" to stories@myheritage.com.

Good luck!

Note: Do not send photos not your own or those for which you do not have permission to use. MyHeritage is not responsible for photos that may be transferred without the consent of the family. The competition is open to registered users at MyHeritage. Don’t have an account yet? Start your free digital family tree today at www.myheritage.com.

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Poll: Have a family role model?

Our family and ancestors have helped form us to what we are today.

Whether it's a parent, sibling or other relative, there may be a special someone in our family who serves as an example of whom we wish to emulate.

Do you have a role model in your family - past or present - who has impacted you today? Who is that role model?

Share your comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+

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Confucius: Ancient family tree

Credit: Wikipedia

People have been documenting their ancestors and descendants throughout history. They enjoying learning more about where they come from.

Have you ever wondered about the oldest family tree? It belongs to Confucius - the famous Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher - who lived 551–479 BC.

A descendant of Emperor Tang (1675–1646 BC), his family tree contains millions of descents and today is in the 83rd generation.

In 1998, an international team began tracing and reviewing more than 450 global branches. A new edition of the Confucius genealogy book was printed in September 2009 by the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee, in honor of the 2560th anniversary of his birth. This latest edition is expected to include some 1.3 million living members around the world today.

The family tree covers 43,000 pages in 80 volumes and, for the first time, women, minorities and foreigners were included. The family genealogy has been maintained for some 2,000 years.

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