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As mentioned here, recently at we've been scanning the web, evaluating content, and identifying some of the best genealogy sites on the internet right now. We put a focus on finding hidden gems in the community, so there's a good chance that some of these are sites you won't have seen before. It's a testament to the vibrancy of the online genealogy community that even this selection of 100 sites had to leave out a lot of quality content. Nevertheless, these are the 100 we came up with, presented in alphabetical order. We hope you enjoy reading them! Top 100 Genealogy Sites

Above the Trees
The Above the Trees blog has grown out of the Family Photoloom website. It offers regular musings on genealogy, with an emphasis on how images and photographs can play a role in family history.

The Accidental Genealogist
"The Accidental Genealogist is a blog that will help you to stay updated on genealogy news and resources, learn how to be a genealogist as I share from my own genealogical findings, and be informed of my recent book and article publications."

"AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors is a blog about my genealogical research: my triumphs, my challenges, my research notes - plus some research tips and genealogy links for my readers."

Ancestors Live Here
Ancestors Live Here is a blog by genealogist Leslie Ann, who traces the branches of her family history through her roots in Idaho.

Anglo-Celtic Connections
An independent view of family history resources and developments with
a British-Canadian perspective, from Ottawa, Canada's Capital for more
than 150 years

Apple’s Tree
"I'm just a gal writing about my day to day adventures with my family, school bus, garden and genealogy."

Arlene Eakle’s Genealogy Blog
Arlene H Eakle traces not only her own family history, but offers advice and practical tips on how to trace your own, as well as thought-provoking news and stories on broader genealogical topics.

The Armchair Genealogist
"I want everyone to come to understand the power of knowing your genealogy. I began The Armchair Genealogist because I felt I there is a wave of new genealogists that are mostly a product of the internet. They have found genealogy via the internet and it is how they do the majority of their research from their lazyboy and laptop, hence the Armchair Genealogists was born."

The Association of Graveyard Rabbits
"An association dedicated to the academic promotion of the historical importance of cemeteries, grave markers, and the family history to be learned from a study of burial customs, burying grounds, and tombstones; and the social promotion of the study of cemeteries, the preservation of cemeteries, and the transcription of genealogical/historical information written in cemeteries."

Basia's Polish Family: From Wilno to Worcester
From Wilni to Worcester traces immigration from rural Russian Poland to the industrial United States. Through personal stories, family records, vintage illustrations, translated historical materials, and resource lists, Basia shares the who, what, when, where, why, and how-to of her genealogical research.

Bayside Blog
Bayside Blog, by Missy Corley, is a mixture of personal, professional and other genealogy investigations as well as anecdotes, including advice on preserving family history and photos. It derives its name from Missy's company, Bayside Research Services on the Eastern Shore of Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay.

Before my Time
Before My Time is about the ancestry and extended family of the author's four grandparents: John Samuel Krentz (Indiana/North Dakota), Margreta Tjode Hedwig (Gertie) Buss (North Dakota), Rosmer Pettis Kerr (Pennsylvania/Michigan), and Evelyn Elvina Hauer (Michigan).

Betty’s Boneyard Genealogy Blog
"Essays, personal musings and reflections on my genealogical research, experiences, history in general, family history and more in the United States and Canada."

Brenda Dougall Merriman
"Brenda likes to blog about the back stories, the research stories behind the family history. Evidence analysis, research problems, and case studies are grist for the mill and not always in a serious vein! For personal therapy she regularly diverts to the noble world of camels."

British Genealogy
The British genealogy site offers fantastic free resources for tracing ancestors in the UK. It also features a popular message board for discussion and collaboration.

Census Finder
Census Finder offers fantastic records for several English-speaking countries.

Census Tools
Census Tools showcases how spreadsheets and other tools can be helpful in storing and presenting genealogical information, and features free downloads to help with these tasks.

The Chart Chick
Janet Hovorka is the development director for Generation Maps, an online chart printing service. Her blog, the Chart Chick, focuses on displaying your family tree visually, and passing your family's history on to the next generations in a fun and interesting way, as well as covering genealogy how-tos, news and events.

"My blog 'Circlemending' is subtitled 'Where Music & Ancestry Meet' and is clarified by my philosophy. "I believe that who we are is a compilation of our experiences and associations as well as our biological connections. When we understand our ancestors, we can better understand ourselves. By doing this, we can complete and appreciate our family circles. My goal is to assist others in their efforts to connect generations (past to present), completing the family circle. The title 'Circlemending' is a 'take off' on the traditional song 'Will the circle be unbroken, by and by?' about our eventual reuniting with our deceased loved ones."

The Cobbold Family History Trust
"Fifteen generations of Cobbolds and who they married. Four and a half thousand names on an interactive family tree. A quite extraordinary family born in Suffolk flourishes world-wide."

Creative Gene
Creative Gene is one author's attempt to trace her ancestry back to its roots, with a lot of added fun along the way. The author is also often involved in Carnival of Genealogy work.

Crowe’s Nest
An excellent genealogy site, with posts on everything from the latest census information releases, to the usage of DNA in modern genealogical research.

Cruwys News
Cruwys news is a UK-based blog with all the latest research and developments from the Cruwys/Cruse worldwide one-name study which combines traditional documentary research with Y-chromosome DNA testing. There are also postings of more general interest on the latest developments in genetic genealogy, together with reports from the big genealogy fairs in the UK such as WDYTYA

Destination: Austin Family
"A little blog about a big family! Join me as I trace my Austin ancestors, capture my mother’s memories during her battle with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, and follow me on my journey to becoming a professional genealogist."

Documenting the Details
"My main goal was to tell some of family stories I've accumulated and document my research trials, tribulations and successes with the hope of generating some interest in the family history within my family."

Donna’s Genealogy Blog
"A Professional Genealogist and former Regional Manager for a national technology company, I have been conducting family research for over 15 years. I teach classes for beginners and lecture on a variety of subjects including Internet, Irish research and computer topics."

Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
"This Blog focuses on Ancestor Stories, both the stories themselves about my family’s ancestors and discussions of where they come from and how to prepare and share them. These stories may be non-fiction or fiction – we will always tell which is which, of course. This Blog also serves as a companion site for the book: '13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories.'"

Elyse’s Genealogy Blog
"I have been researching my family tree for the last seven or eight years. I began researching my family tree when I was about 12 years old. However, I have been researching heavily for the last six years. My love of genealogy was cemented during a visit to Tennessee to see my grandfather. When I asked him about an innocent question about his parents, he firmly told me not to "worry" about it. The lack of answers made me do some investigating on my own. Through my interviews with other family members and friends, I found out that my grandfather had a strained relationship with his father and that his mother died early, which is why he was not comfortable discussing his parents."

"I've been an avid genealogist for most of my life...It is an activity that can continue almost anywhere at any time and the quest, although challenging, is a fascinating never ending journey. Having long been involved in technology, I've found that I've enjoyed using it most to document my research and to connect with cousins worldwide resulting in friendships and international family research teams."

The Family Curator
"In every family, someone ends up with 'the stuff.' It is the goal of The Family Curator to inspire, enlighten, and encourage other family curators in their efforts to preserve and share their own family treasures."

Family, Friends and Neighbors
"This blog will start about my family and St. Charles Parish, Louisiana. My Great-great grandparents combine two of the early settlers, German/Swiss in 1720 and the Acadians a few years later. More recent generations go all over the eastern U.S.and I'll also get to them. I love to write,but my computer skills need development."

Family Oral History Using Digital Tools
"They tell where you come from. They hold secrets to who you are. This site explores how to use digital tools and media to record and preserve spoken memories of family members."

Family Research
A grass-roots site providing excellent news and articles on English, Scottish, and Irish family history. Family Research also welcome contributions from others in the community.

Finding My Ancestors
This site includes details of the ancestors of Allen Evans and their descendants, mostly from the UK and Australia. There is also a blog containing interesting snippets.

Find Your Folks
"I have been tracing my family history since November 1994 in Greensville County and Newport News Virginia, and Warren, Granville, Vance, and Halifax counties in North Carolina. Since that time, I have given numerous genealogical presentations at family reunions, churches, local and national genealogical societies, and other organizations and have also written family history articles for genealogy and religious publications and books for several of her family reunions."

"Come with me on my genealogical adventures - England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and Belgium based research with some general genealogical thoughts thrown in."

Free Genealogy Tools
Here are some of the internet's best free family history research tools, including many you may never have come across before.

Gena’s Genealogy
Gena's Genealogy provides informational articles about genealogical research and techniques. A popular weekly feature is Church Record Sunday, which focuses on researching your ancestors' religion.

A unique site giving information and details on many of the disaster events that shaped our ancestors' lives.

"An ocassional journal chronicling the author's adventures in genealogy and the exploration of his American family of families."

Genealogy Blog specializes in genealogy-related news. The archives are heavily categorized to make it easy for readers to locate all information posted on a topic.

Genealogy Canada
Excellent information, news, and advice for Canadian genealogy.

Genealogy Gems
" is the home of popular The Genealogy Gems Podcast (also available through iTunes.) A multimedia rich website, Genealogy Gems also features the Family History podcast, the free Genealogy Gems Toolbar, the Genealogy Gems News Blog and exclusive genealogy videos offering instruction and inspiration."

Genealogy Guide
"The Genealogy Guide is a bright little guide where you can find useful advice regarding family history and ancestry in the UK as well as learn what sources are available to you and how to get a family tree together. There's a really comprehensive list of sources from libraries to groups and societies set up on the subject, with full contact details included."

Genealogy Lines
"Genealogy is my passion and I enjoy writing...thus Genealogy Lines. My blog will convey information on doing research, ideas for Nebraska research, as well as provide the reader with interesting happenings in the ever-changing genealogy world."

Genealogy in New South Wales
"A blog about genealogy in New South Wales and beyond with tips and techniques to help you understand your ancestors better."

Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me
A blog from a native Californian on her research, findings, and growing family tree.

Genealogy Reviews Online
A source for genealogy news, reviews, and much more, running since 2006.

Genealogy's Star
Genealogy's Star keeps you up-to-date with genealogical news, issues and website updates to help you find family records online. Commentary on genealogical issues is mixed with reviews of software and hardware.

Genealogy Tip of the Day
Genealogy Tip of the Day provides a quick, short tip to get your research jump started. Tips include ideas on breaking brick walls, unique sources, under-utilized websites, and quick research quips which site author Michael John Neill is reminded of while doing his own research for his newsletter Casefile Clues.

The Genetic Genealogist
The Genetic Genealogist examines the intersection of traditional genealogical techniques and modern genetic research. The blog also explores the latest news and developments in the related field of personal genomics

"The musings of an Australian genealogist, excited by web 2.0 applications."

The assorted musings from A.S. Eldredge on everything from family heirlooms to genetic blood tests for family history. Contains photographs of tombstones and other interesting items.

"Whether you are writing your family history, contemplating whether you should begin writing, or you just want to expand your research horizons, Genwriters will point you to resources, both online and in print, that will add variety and substance to your research."

Greta’s Genealogy Blog
"A place to share information on the families and areas we are researching, tips on useful research techniques, tools, and websites, and the joys, problems, and pitfalls of family research."

Gus’s Genealogy Blog
A blog covering Gus's search for ancestors around the world.

Henthorn Genealogy News
"The Henthorn Genealogy News blog is used to post news and information about my genealogy interests and activities. It's the first place you should look if you want to find out whether I'm accomplishing anything or not. Surnames of interest: Henthorn(e), Hinthorn(e), Watson, Conger, Yoho, Jennings. Contributions of information and material are welcome."

Jessica’s Genejournal
"A blog that posts information on genealogy and historical research and on my research."

"Simple computer technology for genealogists"

Kick-Ass Genealogy
"I'm a Gen Y genealogist who believes in making genealogy more accessible to non-nerds and young people. If you want to get free articles on how to improve your mad genealogy skillz, come and get it."

"I am a GeneaHistorian and Native Hoosier who grew up in rural Kosciusko County. I served in the US Navy 1969-1979 in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Iceland, California, and Japan. What will you find here at kinexxions? A bit of Family History, Genealogy, Research Tips, Photography, Travel, and whatever else catches my interest!"

Lessons from my Ancestors
"I have been interested in researching my family history for about 8 years. I never really explored anything other than what my family had already and what I could find free online. For the past two years I have been becoming what I like to call a "recreational genealogist". I research when I have time (usually a few hours every weekend) and am using online resources that are available."

Life from the Roots
"I discuss my roots from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Illinois, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. In addition, I enjoy sharing a lot of hints and bits of information I’ve learned in my 20 years of doing genealogy. I try to use maps and photos when possible, and throw in some history and humor where possible. If you have New England ancestry, this is the blog for you! Please stop by soon and check out the site."

Little Bytes of Life
A genealogy blog from a former schoolteacher, keeping track of her discoveries and findings. Eye-catchingly designed.

Mad About Genealogy
"I am Linda Elliott, a genealogist with 30+ years experience in ancestor hunting. I work as a professional family historian and have helped many people with their family trees. My aim with Mad About Genealogy is to share with you, the many website links, information and the latest genealogy news that I come across. I hope you enjoy your visit to my website and will come and visit on a regular basis."

Midwestern Microhistory
"Genealogy and family history in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and neighbor and feeder states"

Moultrie Creek
"Although headquartered on Moultrie Creek overlooking the marsh, this blog celebrates the Barrett family who has lived in the St. Augustine area since the mid-1920s and the branches of the family spread all over the country. It provides a place to present the history of this family with its many branches as well as share the latest news and pictures with all our many connections spread near and far. And, because we love the South, you’ll find photos and stories from many of those places so special to us."

New England Genealogy
New England Genealogy focuses on ancestors and research in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, as well as connections to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Nutfield Genealogy
"Nutfield is now known as the towns of Londonderry and Derry, New Hampshire, founded in 1722 by the Scots Irish Ulster Presbyterian settlers. My own family is not Scots Irish, nor from Nutfield, but I'll be blogging about both, and New England family history- sometimes there are some surprising connections!"

Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
"My Olive Tree Genealogy Blog is a news, announcement and how-to blog. It focuses on updates of data added to Olive Tree Genealogy site and other genealogy websites. I also share tips on finding ancestors and using online websites. There are also interactive activities such as the current 52 weeks of Sharing Memories: Genealogy Journal Writing."

"A website dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney - a group of islands lying off the northern tip of Scotland, where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Patten Project
"Patten Project is a site dedicated to varied genealogical news & research with a focus on Indigenous and Colonial Australia. Convicts and Free Settlers, Aboriginal tribes and individual histories, the full spectrum explored."

Paula’s Genealogical Eclectica
"A little of this, a little of that. Miscellaneous "stuff" and genealogical gold. Occasional fluff, but with a meaning. Notes from a full-time professional genealogist & friends on research, genealogical events, life, and family."

One man's research into the ancestry of the British aristocracy, providing information from the present day back to antiquity on a total of thousands of individuals. An extraordinary resource.

Practical Archivist
"There are oodles of Practical Archivist articles here for you to enjoy, with information and advice that will help you become a better family archivist. The only question remaining is…where would you like to start?"

Renee’s Genealogy Blog
"I have been doing genealogy since I was 15 years old. I mainly research in the Warren and Washington Counties of New York. Currently I am the secretary for the Utah Valley PAF Users Group. I also serve as a Family History Consultant at the Alpine Family History Center."

Roots ‘n’ Leaves
Roots'n'Leaves is dedicated to telling the stories of the past that are true to the spirit of both the person and the times. Historical and genealogical research melded with the art of storytelling and memoir writing gives Roots'n'Leaves a unique flavor.

"The Scottish Genealogy Blog is a site about Scottish genealogy and everything else genealogical, with a bit
of personal opinion thown in."

Scottish Genealogy News and Events
"The top stories and events concerning Scottish ancestral research, including news from around the British Isles and beyond. If you'd like to share details of a new product release, lecture, event, or news of interest to others researching their ancestry, please contact me at and I'll be only too happy to help - the service is FREE. Slàinte!"
An extraordinary set of resources on Sephardic history and genealogy.

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
"Shauna Hicks History Enterprises is a part business, part personal family history website with a blog called SHHE Genie Rambles, free articles and talks, links to Victorian sources in Australia and personal family history research."

Shoestring Genealogy
"ShoeString Genealogy provides Family Historians with information about how to research their ancestors both on the Internet and in libraries and other repositories. There are free Genealogy Charts and free Genealogy Forms. And don't miss the free Presentations on Genealogy Topics; Tips and Techniques; and new Developments and Resources."

Small-Leaved Shamrock
"One American family, strong Irish Pennsylvania roots, and the amazing stories that have shaped our lives."

Smoky Mountain Family Historian
"Musings on family history, regional history, and other items deemed worthy of comment by a family historian living near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee."

Special Collections and Family History
A great set of resources for family history, with excellent information on Idaho and the Western states.

Staats Place
"As anyone who has ever been bitten by that nasty bug can attest, genealogitis is a difficult affliction to cure. I’m proud to say that for years I’ve carried that disease like a regular Typhoid Mary. As early as my teenage years, I was interested in the pursuit of my past, but this was in the pre-internet and pre-pubescent days, so I had other things I deemed more important on my mind."

Steve’s Genealogy Blog
The author was born in upstate New York and has lived in New York, Vermont, Oregon, Nebraska, and California. He began seriously researching his family history nine years ago and, in the course of that research, Steve has studied 20th Century American Records as well as 17th, 18th and 19th Century Polish Records. He has conducted research on location in Poland and Lithuania and has visited the villages in which his immigrant ancestors lived.

The St. Leon Family
"This emerging site is dedicated to Australia's circus history and to travelling entertainers."

St. Vincent Memories
"Local history for the oldest settlement in Minnesota, including history of native aborignal populations, the exploration/fur trade/mission era, homesteading, and beyond"

Taneya’s Genealogy Blog
Taneya provides updates on her genealogy research and applies her information science expertise to the field. Taneya is also active in the USGenWeb project and has an avid interest in technology and its application to genealogy.

"What would the perfect genealogy software look like? How can family historians perform professional-quality research? Genealogy, software, ideas and innovation is what ThinkGenealogy is all about."

TJLGenes: Preserving Our Family History
"When I dream about the moonlight on the Wabash, How I long for my Indiana home..."

In the process of sharing his personal research, this family historian provides suggestions and tips for your own research, as well as reviews of research sites and books. The primary geographical focal points of his research are in the Midwestern United States, and Texas, with occasional forays into his family's homelands
of England, Eastern Europe, Transylvania and the Netherlands.

Twigs of Yore
"I've been researching my family tree since my teens. Now with a young family I have little time for research, so I hope to use this blog to share some snippets of what I've done so far."

Upstate New York Genealogy Blog
Upstate New York Genealogy has been the passion of this researcher for about 40 years. We share all of our knowledge with the public both on the main website and the associated blog. It is all free and we welcome your comments and ideas.

Wandering Genealogist
"Exploring the lives of my ancestors, in the archives, online and in the countryside of southern England."

Walking the Berkshires
"Walking the Berkshires is my personal blog, an eclectic weaving of human narrative, natural history, and other personal passions with the Berkshire and Litchfield Hills as both its backdrop and point of departure. I am interested in how land and people, past and present manifest in the broader landscape and social fabric of our communities. The opinions I express here are mine alone."

West in New England
West in New England chronicles Bill West's exploration of his New England heritage (Maine Yankees on his
father's side and Boston Irish on his mother's side) through records, poetry and humor.

Zalewski Family Genealogy
"Information, tips, and other interesting finds on this personal journey."

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  55. How can I get rid of the My Heritage banner (tab?) which appears whenever I go to Internet Explorer?
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