17    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: What is a Family?

MyHeritage.com is all about family, and this week we have a rather thought-provoking video on just that topic.

It's by the Truth Project, and simply asks the question: 'What is a Family?' A wide range of people are asked this question in the video, and they come up with some very interesting answers.

The Truth Project has a range of similarly-styled videos, on a variety of topics. You can view some of these on their YouTube channel here.

12    May 20111 comment

Video of the Week: Some Wise Thoughts on Family History

This week we have a very interesting video from all-round genealogy guru Helen Leary. She has some very interesting thoughts here on why people do genealogy - and her reasons may surprise you. She also talks about some of the more eery experiences family historians can have while doing their research. Definitely worth checking out.

5    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Why Join a Genealogy Society?

With so much available online these days, it's very easy to think that genealogy societies are no longer needed. Surely if it's resources we want, we have them on the internet; and if it's help from others, we have that too.

Well, despite being a genealogy website we think there's still a lot of good to be had in joining a genealogy society. If you want to find out why, this riveting video - featuring the president of one such society - gives a pretty good summary.

28    Apr 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Richard Dawkins on Genetic Genealogy

This week we've got a short clip on genetic genealogy, featuring Richard Dawkins.

It was originally broadcast in the show Bang Goes the Theory, and shows Richard and Dr Yan Wong discussing how genetics can be used in genealogy, what challenges there are in doing so, and why a lot of us might have Genghis Khan as an ancestor!

15    Mar 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Interviews from RootsTech

This week we thought we'd showcase some videos from the RootsTech conference - an event that brought together technology and family history enthusiasts. While the event was a month ago now, some videos of it haven't come online until more recently. For those who didn't make it, these will be the next best thing to seeing some of the experts give talks in person.
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9    Mar 20110 comments

Video of the Week: The Back-Breaking Leaf – Films from Canada

This week we have something for our Canadian readers (and others too, of course), taken from the National Film Board of Canada.

The NFB has a website where many videos and documentaries - from decades ago up to today - are free to view. You can access it here and view videos at your leisure.
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2    Mar 20112 comments

Video of the Week: Family Travel Videos from 1923

This week we have a type of video that's very common today, but was not so common when these were taken: the family travel video.

The clips were shot in 1923 by Dave Bloom, who was a New York City dentist at the time. The narration is by Dave's daughter, Naomi. We have three films here: the first, of a family trip to Venice; the second, of an outing to Florida; and the third, from the Netherlands.
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17    Feb 20110 comments

Smart Match Improvements: Daniel Horowitz Interviewed at Rootstech

Last weekend at the Rootstech Conference, our very own Daniel Horowitz was interviewed by veteran genealogist and blogger Dear Myrtle. The conference was dedicated to the interaction between genealogy and technology, and as a result Daniel spent some time talking about some of our own website developments, and in particular our improved Smart Match facility.

Thanks to Dear Myrtle for conducting this interview. We hope you enjoy the results!

8    Feb 20113 comments

Video of the Week: Danny & Annie

With Valentine's less than a week away, we thought we'd share this fantastic video from Storycorps. It features an American couple talking about their marriage and life-long relationship, and is accompanied by an animated video.

Be warned: it's a rather sad story (but in a good way!)

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

3    Feb 20110 comments

Video of the Week: ‘The Icing on the Cake’

This week's video is from StoryCorps, an organization we've talked about before who record oral history from around the United States.

In this video they share a conversation between a first-generation immigrant and her daughter. It discusses the difficulties the mother had at first, but also the inspiration she provided to her daughter through overcoming them.

It's a nice short story, with a great animation to accompany it.

The Icing on the Cake from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

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