21    Dec 20114 comments

MyHeritage Happy Holidays Competition!

Join in the fun by entering our Happy Holidays Video Competition and win one of four HD video cameras!

Participating is easy. Simply create a video of yourself or of you and your family wishing "Happy Christmas (or Holidays) from London (insert location)” in the style of your home town! The video should show the MyHeritage logo at some point during the video, even if it’s just on paper. Download the logo here to print.

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17    Dec 20118 comments

MyHeritage celebrates our new mobile app! (bonus video inside)

At the MyHeritage headquarters yesterday, we celebrated the release of our new app for iPad, iPhone and Android. Read the news in full here.

MyHeritage mobile team: Raz, Roni, Dov, Addy, Oren, Omer, Danielle, Nimrod and Yehuda.

It was an important day for all of us, the big moment had finally arrived. The day ended with a big celebration, including a special cake!

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9    Nov 20111 comment

Video: Beginner’s guide to family history documents

There are plenty of videos lurking around the internet that claim to give you a crash course in using documents for genealogical purposes.

Today's video simply and succinctly shows how resources such as birth, marriage and death certificates and medical records can help trace your family history. It's a great stepping stone for new amateurs who would like to get "hands-on" at the nearest opportunity.


4    Oct 20111 comment

Video: Building a Family Tree for Humanity!

Today we're posting a remarkable video from the clever people over at TED. TED is a a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing paradigm shifting content from inspirational speakers.

Spencer Wells, over this 20 minute talk, demonstrates how to extend genealogy far beyond the usual boundaries. In essence, the geneticist demonstrates how the earliest origins of human ancestry can be examined through the usage of DNA techniques. He has some truly fascinating conclusions:

25    Aug 20110 comments

Video: Slaves & Free People of Color in West Virginia

In this thought-provoking video, Greg Carroll of the West Virginia State Archives discusses the history of slaves and free people of color in West Virginia from 1800-1860.

In addition to informing viewers as to what genealogical research materials are available, Carroll talks of a palpable lack of certain types of information and the need to collect further information. In particular, the oral histories of these people are lacking.

This video also provides some background to the plight of these West Virginians. Well worth a watch.

12    Aug 20111 comment

Video: Different Family Perspectives, Similar Immigrant Histories

Since today is Friday, we thought you would appreciate an inspirational video. This is the first in a three part series on the 'Genealogy Gems' podcast about John Paul Godges' fascinating family history. He discusses how the perspectives of children from the same family are often so different, yet how the immigrant experience of today is quite similar to that of a century ago. Enjoy.

13    Jul 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Oral History Project

This week's video combines three things we like: preserving oral history, education and technology.

Richland Northeast High School students were instructed to use their iPods to record an oral history, edit the footage in Garage band, and then create a digital story using iMovie.

An excellent way to use digital technology in the classroom!

See one student's oral history project below.

23    Jun 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Canneto Family Memories

This week's video is Canneto Family Memories. It shows a beautiful example of a family photo montage of special memories, from when the parents just met to the family they made together.

Canneto Family Memories from D'Amore Productions on Vimeo.

31    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: The 2011 Genealogy Cruise

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to combine a cruise with a genealogy event, you need look no further.

In March this year, a group of family history enthusiasts embarked on Unlock the Past's History and Genealogy Cruise.

The cruise took 250 people on a tour of the Pacific off the east coast of Australia, on a spectacular journey interspersed with some excellent talks and seminars on genealogy and history. You can see their full itinerary here. If you didn't make it yourself, you can at least see some highlights from this recently-uploaded video.

23    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Ancestors from 19th Century Glasgow

This week's video is from Susan, a family historian in Glasgow. It shows some great photos of the streets her Glaswegian ancestors walked from the mid-19th Century onwards. You can see another, more recent historical Glasgow video by Susan here.

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