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Our Volunteers: From Lebanon to Ecuador

Elias Faour

Electronics Engineer Elias Faour, 68, has been volunteering for MyHeritage, translating our products into Spanish, since 2011. Born in the North Lebanon village of Hadeth el Joubbe, he later moved to Batroun. At the age of 28, in 1975, at the beginning of the civil war in his country, Elias moved to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

In 1976, he married his cousin Cecilia. They have two children, Daniel and Monica, and three grandchildren.

Although the family of his paternal grandparents - Yousef Faour and Adél Corban - has few relatives, the family of his maternal grandparents - Hanna Saab and Rosa Andery - is numerous, as is his wife’s paternal family, Chedraoui (Chedrawi)-Sfeir. Continue reading "Our Volunteers: From Lebanon to Ecuador" »

16    Jun 20160 comments

Father’s Day on Twitter: Join World’s Oldest Man For Live Fatherly Advice

Israel Kristal (Image credit: guinnessworldrecords.com)

In addition to their old beloved shirts they refuse to give up, sandals with socks, and corny jokes, dads around the world are known for their sage, fatherly advice. This Father's Day, we're shaking things up a bit, and we've asked the world's oldest man to give MyHeritage users his tried and tested advice, words of wisdom that he's accumulated over his long and experienced life as a Dad.

Israel Kristal, the world's oldest living man, will be live tweeting fatherly advice from the @MyHeritage Twitter account this coming Sunday, Father's Day, and he'll be happy to answer any questions.

Want to ask Israel for some fatherly advice? Send us your questions in advance by commenting below or Tweet @MyHeritage using the hashtag #fathersday. Make sure to mention @myheritage in your tweet.

This will take place this Sunday, June 19, at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT. Continue reading "Father’s Day on Twitter: Join World’s Oldest Man For Live Fatherly Advice" »

6    Apr 20162 comments

Our Chief Genealogist is on the road again!

Our Chief Genealogist, Daniel Horowitz, begins his spring genealogy tour today.

He will speak about MyHeritage's new features and other genealogy topics in the UK and North America over the next few months. He will have many opportunities to meet with friends, users and visit archives along the way.

Below, please find his appearances. Come to the closest venue to stop by and say hello, to learn about the latest developments in genealogy, and receive a FREE gift from MyHeritage. Continue reading "Our Chief Genealogist is on the road again!" »

16    Nov 201513 comments

Family Photos: Why do people look alike?

Although 60 years may separate two photos, the face is the same. The smile is the same. The ears, the eyes. Although two generations have passed, it’s as if the two photos captured the same person at different moments in time.

Genetics play a role in the similarities between us, regardless of being a blood relative. For example, a man in Australia could be genetically identical by 99.9% to a person on another continent who is not his relative. Yet, that 0.1% makes all the difference.

We recently held a look-alike photo competition for which we asked users to send in look-alike photos of family members from different generations. The results were incredible. Here is one example below:

Born 87 years apart: Great-grandmother Michelle and great-granddaughter Lucy

Continue reading "Family Photos: Why do people look alike?" »

3    May 20152 comments

MyHeritage on Prime Time News: The Secret of Erikoussa

MyHeritage was recently featured on Israel’s leading prime time TV news show which covered the story of how the inhabitants of Erikoussa, a small Greek island, had risked their lives in WWII to save a Jewish tailor's family from the Nazis.

The video below (with English subtitles) shows the remarkable story of the island, the genealogical discoveries made by MyHeritage and an emotional interview with Abraham, whose mother was among those saved on Erikoussa.

When the Nazis invaded Corfu, most of the Jewish citizens were sent to Auschwitz, but a tailor named Savvas managed to escape with his three daughters and another girl named Rosa, to the nearby island of Erikoussa. Savvas had customers and acquaintances there, but what was incredible was that the entire island joined forces - at risk of death - and gave refuge to Savvas and his girls, and kept their presence secret from the Nazis for the duration of the war. Continue reading "MyHeritage on Prime Time News: The Secret of Erikoussa" »

15    Apr 20150 comments

WDYTYA Live 2015! MyHeritage heads to Birmingham

This weekend, the MyHeritage team will be heading to Birmingham, UK for Who Do you Think You Are? Live 2015.

This great event is packed with genealogy workshops and family history sessions to satisfy all attendees from beginners through advanced family historians with tips to help you discover your family heritage.

Visit the MyHeritage booth for a chance to get research tips for advancing your research, and to try out our free Instant Discoveries™, a new experience that makes it easier to discover your family history instantly.

The MyHeritage team will be at booth 414. Our team includes: Continue reading "WDYTYA Live 2015! MyHeritage heads to Birmingham" »

8    Mar 20152 comments

International Women’s Day: Celebrating our female ancestors

How much do you know about the women who made you who are today?

Today is International Women’s Day - celebrating all women, past and present, for their economic, social and political achievements.

We all have heroines in our own family. They are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and cousins. They are the women who survived all life's challenges against all odds to provide for the family or the role models who showed us that family and hard work go hand in hand.

Each one has a powerful story, courageous personality and provides us with inspiration to follow in their footsteps. Today we honor them for just being the great women they are. Continue reading "International Women’s Day: Celebrating our female ancestors" »

16    Jan 20134 comments

Family History: Our place in space

How do our surroundings, our homes, impact our families, our thoughts, our history?

Isn't this what our pursuit of genealogy helps to reconstruct? To make sure that our family history remains alive and known and preserved?

In a poem by Leib Borisovich Talalai, a young poet whose family was from our ancestral village of Vorotinschtina, Belarus, and who was murdered in Minsk (1941), he writes about his family home in the village, "If the walls of this house could talk. ..." When I found two of his slim books of poetry at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, it was fascinating to read his words.

What an image he presented of a home’s talking walls! What if we could access those memories? What do you know about the spaces in which your ancestors lived? Continue reading "Family History: Our place in space" »

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Poll: Largest number of grandchildren in your family tree?

At this time last year, a Canadian couple celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild.

Grandparents Viktor and Aneta Urich have so many grandchildren that they find it difficult to remember all their names. Half of them have Canadian names, half have Russian names.

The couple has 16 children. The 100th grandchild was born to their eldest son Heinrich and his wife, Tatjana. Heinrich and Tatjana have nine children, the eldest is 12.

Is there someone in your family tree with a large number of grandchildren? What's the largest number of grandchildren you've found in your family history research?

Let us know in the poll below.

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Webinar: Tomorrow with Randy Seaver

We're delighted to invite you to register for our Online Record Matching Masterclass, tomorrow, Thursday, October 25.

MyHeritage's Mark Olsen will be joined by expert genealogist Randy Seaver, author of the geneablog Genea-Musings, who will discuss the surprises he's received from record matching for his personal family tree.

The webinar takes place at 1pm Pacific US (4pm Eastern US, or 9pm UK).

Visit your family site now to check your Record Matches. Learn more about Record Matching in this blog post.

View past webinars and register for future events on our new webinar website.

We look forward to welcoming you online.

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