16    Sep 20113 comments

Poll: How many hours do you spend researching per week?

We all have various ways of organising our time when it comes family history research. Whether you're an amateur, or indeed a professional genealogist, it's often easy to be consumed by one or two 'branches' of your family story.

The aim of this week's poll is to discover just how engrossed we are in our research on a weekly basis. Let the voting commence...

23    Aug 20112 comments

Poll: Family Heirlooms

Today's poll is about the things we treasure and are entrusted with by our ancestors.

Family heirlooms hold important values for all of us, whether it is a box of old black-and-white photographs or a priceless dinner service.  We recognise the value of these possessions in preserving our individual family histories.

Let us know about your family's current heirloom status:

10    Aug 201112 comments

Poll: How Do You Backup Your Family Tree?

This week's poll is about how we protect the precious data in our family trees. Let us know how you go about backing up your data - that is, of course, if you have an approach!

3    Jun 20112 comments

Poll: Where did your family come to America from?

America is often referred to as a melting pot -- home to many diverse people and cultures from all over the world. This Friday, we're asking where your family came to America from? If your country is not listed in the poll, please add it below.

26    May 20110 comments

Poll: What’s The Best Time of Year to Do Family History Research?

Some people say family history is best done as a winter activity. The sunny weather goes away, and the research comes out...or so the theory goes.

Is this true in your experience? Do you tend to do the most research in the bleaker months, or you pretty constant all year round, are you feel more upbeat and keen to find your roots when the sun comes out to shine? Let us know your favourite season for family history research below!

15    May 20110 comments

Poll: How Many Countries Do You Have Family In?

Our ancestors hail from all sorts of countries and continents, but what about your family today? Does the family unit tend to be located just in one country, or is the extended family strewn all arout the world?

The definition of 'family' here does include extended family members; but if they're so distant from you that you've never met, it's probably best to leave them out!

Happy voting!

23    Apr 20114 comments

Poll: How Often Do You Talk With Your Mom?

With Mother's Day in the US soon approaching, most of us will be making a call home to get back in touch. We thought we'd take this opportunity, though, to ask how often you talk to your Mom in your day-to-day life.

For some of us, we're still in daily contact with our mothers, and keep them up-to-date with everything that we're doing. For others among us, it's harder to stay in touch so frequently, and weekly, monthly, or even less frequent calls are the norm.

What's the situation in your family? It'd be great to know where you fall in the categories below!

15    Apr 20112 comments

Poll: How Often Does Your Extended Family Meet Up?

Most of us see our immediate family pretty regularly - the parents, siblings, spouses, children, and grandparents we spend much of our time with. But the frequency of get-togethers among the wider family tends to vary a lot from culture to culture and family to family.

For some of us, we only see the extended family on the most special of occasions. For others, get-togethers are just a regular feature of the monthly calendar.

What about your own relatives? Do you see the extended family very often, or hardly at all?

Let us know in the poll below!

8    Apr 20113 comments

Poll: What Would YOU Ask an Expert Genealogist?

So picture the scene.

You're sitting in your local archive, thumbing your way through some of your favourite parish records, when all of a sudden a genealogy expert bursts through the doors. This isn't just some parochial specialist on the subject, but the absolute whizz-kid maestro for all things family tree. In short, a bona fide genealogy genius.

Except he has a problem. He's just been hired by the National Archives of Burkina Faso, and is going to be shipped out there to lead the family history team forthwith. He only has a short period of time before he departs, and gives you five minutes in which to ask him any one question you might have about genealogy. He guarantees that he'll be able to give you the answer to it.
Continue reading "Poll: What Would YOU Ask an Expert Genealogist?" »

4    Feb 20112 comments

Poll: How Long Have You Been Doing Genealogy For?

This week's poll asks how long you've been doing this hobby for. Are you a relative newcomer, or a seasoned veteran of the genealogy world? Let us know below.

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