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Poll: Does luck – good or bad – run in your family?

Can luck, or good fortune, be inherited?

Earlier this year we wrote about a lucky lottery story, from 2011, that focused on the McCauley family. Kimberly was delighted when she won $100,000 in North Carolina in a new scratcher game because she'd never imagined ever winning a prize.

She'd always assumed the odds were against her, as her mother had already won big prizes in two other lotteries!

Then there are those of us who have the opposite, tragic experiences that plague our families.

To return to our opening question, do you think luck - good or bad - runs in your family?

Share your answer in the poll below, and leave examples in the comments section.

10    Aug 20121 comment

Poll: Is your family superstitious?

Never walk under a ladder or open an umbrella indoors. A broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck.

These are just some popular supersititions shared in many of our families.

What is a superstition?

The Wikipedia definition for Superstition is "a belief in supernatural causality: that one event leads to the cause of another without any physical process linking the two events".

The examples above are common superstitions. But we want to know whether superstition runs in your family?

Are you superstitious? Were yourancestors?

Let us know in the poll below.

If the answer is yes, share your family's superstition in the comments below.

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Poll: Is your family musical?

Does music talent run in your family? Today's poll investigates musicality - with a twist.

Do you think that musical parents encourage their children's interest and talent, from a young age, because of their own passion?

Or is it a genetic influence?  Is it nature or nurture?

Some researchers also draw the connection between math skills and music, as many talented musicians are also good at math (and science). Some say that as both skills are linear learning - one learns by going from one step to the next - so there is a connection.

What have you noticed in your own family? Does musicality - whether singing, playing an instrument or numerous instruments - run in your family? Have you noticed a connection in your family between music and math skills?

Participate in the poll and share your answers in the comments below.

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Poll: Athletes in your family?

Following our series of polls on characteristics that run in the family, and with the Olympics now underway, we wanted to ask your thoughts on whether athletic ability runs in your family.

Some families love going on hikes, swimming, bike rides and pursuing other outdoor activities together. But do athletic parents produce athletic kids? Do you have athletes in your family?

Let us know via the poll below:

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Poll: Does ’sense of humor’ run in the family?

Last week we asked whether sense of direction ran in your family.

Many people enjoy finding out information about their ancestors in terms of the facts and figures about their lives.

But what some enjoy most is learning about how they lived and what kind of people they were.

There are certain character traits that appear to run in the family and when you see a family member exhibiting the mannerisms or characteristics that their parents, or grandparents possessed, you feel a sense of familiarity or continuation.

So to carry on this theme, we’re now interested in the lighter side of life - humor.

We’ve all got those relatives that have a fantastic sense of humor, the ones who always have a joke or anecdote to share at every family get together.

Have you noticed a trend in your family? Do you think sense of humor is inherited? We'd love to hear your view in the poll, or comments section below.

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Poll: Can your family get from A to B without GPS?

I've got a pretty good sense of direction - as does my Mom. My Dad would be the first to admit that without Sat Nav (GPS), he'd be more than a little lost.

People talk about a genetic sense of direction running in a family. While some scientists suggest that genes do play a part in your ability to get from A to B, we thought we'd create our own survey to see if there was a trend.

We'd like to hear from you: Does the sense of direction run in your family?

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Poll: Your most amazing discovery!

Family history research is all about discovering previously unknown information.

Most of our time is focused on locating interesting family facts and following clues to diverse records. Sometimes, however, we make an incredible discovery that reveals something completely new and unexpected.

We'd like to learn about the most incredible, amazing, surprising thing you've found through your research. Let us know in the poll below.

15    Jun 20122 comments

Family History: The most important legacy?

An article in the Dallas Morning News, quoting a 2012 American Legacies Pulse Study, states that family history is the most important "asset" that we bequeath to our descendants.

According to the story, 86% of people ages 47-66 and 74% of those ages 72+ say that passing on family stories and memories means more to them than passing on material possessions.

As we get older, we tend to focus our thoughts on our family. How will they remember us? After we're gone, will they maintain the values and family bonds that were important us? Continue reading "Family History: The most important legacy?" »

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Poll: Do you still live in your family home?

I remember every part of my family home.

Even though I no longer live there, I can tell you which room has a draft, where my brother got a knock on his head, how we set up the room for my sisters engagement party and which cupboard in 'my' bedroom has a squeaky door.

I remember my home, street and neighborhood and it brings back very fond memories whenever I think about them.

However many people do stay near their childhood homes and places of birth. We want to know from you, do you still live in your family home or neighborhood? Please answer the poll below.

Do you have special memories from your family home? Please share with us below.

22    May 20121 comment

Poll: Your family’s favorite sports team


Sports are a traditional part of family entertainment.

Allegiance to specific teams - which team you cheer for - is something generally passed down through the generations.

Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, cricket - so many teams with associations to certain cities. To New Yorkers, it will always be the "Brooklyn" Dodgers, even though they left for other parts long ago, while Chicagoans will always love "Da Bears."

We go with our families to sporting events. We support the same team, we console each other when they lose and celebrate when they win. Our family team is part of our shared family experience.

I remember going with my family to watch football games, and I imagine taking my own children, when they're old enough to appreciate it.

We're interested in learning if you have a family team. Does your family cheer on the same team? Or, do  you support rival teams? Let us know via the poll below.

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