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RootsTech 2012: Day one highlights

MyHeritage’s experience at RootsTech has been a success, from setup to live hangouts and a very busy booth on the first day.

MyHeritage booth at RootsTech, before the conference began

The team began setting up Wednesday afternoon. Our booth is a real standout with double arches of balloons in the MyHeritage logo colors. Everyone knows where our booth is located as the colorful balloons fly high above the exhibit floor.

MyHeritage Super Search

Today, the opening day, our CEO/founder Gilad Japhet demonstrated the new MyHeritage Super Search technology. The new online research system greatly expands search functionality and takes into account user errors, common name variations, and other important details which, in the past, have not been included in most ancestral searches. There are many options to filter results by collections, via additional refining, advanced search and filtering capabilities as demonstrated in his presentation. This exciting new research system is still under development.

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6    Sep 20111 comment

MyHeritage at the Swedish Genealogy Fair 2011

Sara - Scandinavian Community Manager

Sara, our Scandinavian Community Manager, recently returned from a very successful Swedish genealogy conference in Norrköping and we’d like to share her experience with you...

Among meeting with many big names in Swedish genealogical circles, Sara met with Thomas Furth, Chairman of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Sweden and exchanged many ideas. She also met with Jojje Lintrup, genealogist at the Swedish Genealogical Association.

The Association is currently working on a very interesting project called Genealogy of immigrants, which works to (among other initiatives) get Swedes with foreign roots involved in their ancestry so they can pass the knowledge down. Jojje is both an experienced and knowledgeable genealogist and works as a project manager for the Swedish Federation of Genealogy Wiki Roots.

Sara was joined by Laurence Harris, genealogy advisor to MyHeritage and all-round superstar genealogist of Who Do You Think You Are? fame. Continue reading "MyHeritage at the Swedish Genealogy Fair 2011" »

7    Jun 20112 comments

MyHeritage Acquires Polish Genealogy Site Bliscy.pl

Today MyHeritage is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular Polish genealogy website, Bliscy.pl, in a move that will open a new range of possibilities in Polish family research -- for those in Poland or part of the greater community of Polish descendants worldwide.

With the acquisition of Bliscy.pl, half a million new users have been added to MyHeritage -- expanding our international family network to over 56 million people and 760 million profiles! Combined with last year’s acquisition of the Polish website MoiKrewni.pl, MyHeritage.com is now an excellent resource for anyone researching their Polish family history.

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14    Apr 20114 comments

Fun & Celebrations at MyHeritage

We recently celebrated the annual Purim Party for MyHeritage workers and their families -  and couldn't wait to share with you what a fun night it was!

Purim is a festive holiday similar to Halloween. The employees began preparing some very impressive costumes,  many of which were hand-made, several weeks in advance of the party.

The night was full of surprises, games and dancing - and the judging panel had a hard time deciding which was the best costume. Which costume would you choose as your favorite? Share with us your pick, leave a comment!

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Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Faleminderit! Gracies! Kiitos! Dankjewel! Multumesc!

It's that time of the year again, when we give thanks to all our volunteers.


During 2010, our small army of some 100 volunteers helped us translate the MyHeritage website and our software program Family Tree Builder into about 25 of the currently available 36 languages.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, new languages - like Latvian - are about to be released on the website, and Afrikaans is expected very soon.

We are already working on many additional projects, such as translating the Family Tree Builder User Guide into more languages. A small group of people have also begun helping in the forums, providing answers to common questions posted there.

Our volunteers are a great help for us and we really appreciate their assistance, and we recognize them by the special icon next to their names throughout the website!

Would you like to join this group of special peope? If so, please send an email to translate@myheritage.com.

Among this year's volunteers (and their languages) are (in no particular order):
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12    Jun 20100 comments

Visit the MyHeritage stand at the Jamboree in California this weekend

The renowned Southern Californian Genealogy Society runs the popular Jamboree in Burbank, CA, this weekend - one of the largest regional genealogy conferences in the US. We've set up our booth at the side entrance to the main hall. If you are in the area today or tomorrow, make sure you drop by at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center, visit us at stand #138. It was very busy yesterday and today will be busier. In addition to the packed exhibit hall featuring booths for all major genealogy industry companies, there are great talks to listen to in the 11 lecture halls.

MyHeritage's Daniel Horowitz will be speaking today at 11:30am about "face recognition technology" and at 3:30pm about "Family Tree Builder" and our Schelly Talalay Dardashti will be on the panel during the "blogger summit" at 11:30am and then talk about the "Iberian Ashkenaz DNA project" at 2:00pm.

MyHeritage stand - Jamboree 2010

Mario, Schelly and Daniel at the MyHeritage stand

1    Jun 20101 comment

Home-made food at the MyHeritage office

Last week we had a delicious activity in our offices and we cannot resist sharing it with you!

Due to the recent holidays, we organized a Cooking Contest at the head office of the company. We were very impressed by the cooking skills that the team showed and the food didn't only look great, but was also delicious.

This is how it worked: everyone had to bring either a first course or dessert, the heads of each department made up the jury and had to try a bit from each dish and assign a score to ultimately select the winner of each category. The winners got a  prize and of course everybody enjoyed the food and we had a great time, as you can see in the pictures!

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Dutch network Zooof.com also joins MyHeritage.com

Last week we announced some big news about joining forces with German family site network OSN - news that has spread around the world by now.

Zooof logoThis week we're announcing a smaller yet important development, which is that we are now also welcoming all users of the Dutch family network ZOOOF.com.

Zooof.com is an Amsterdam-based international family network which has the vision to ultimately unite everyone in one family. Co-founder Jean-Paul Busker came up with the idea for Zooof.com in 2004 as a project to investigate the concept of ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ for families in the world. Partnering with co-founder and computer science expert Stefan Leenen, he launched ZOOOF.com later that year. And now they'll be joining their network with MyHeritage.com, so users can benefit from the technologies and features that our site has to offer.

Zooof is a great community with users from all over the world, even if their is a large part of Dutch users. The network has a really friendly spirit that impressed us and which we’ll do our best to carry over to MyHeritage.com.

Important for you is that as the site has a large contingent of Dutch users, which is strengthening the Dutch part of our Family Graph. That means that it will become easier for you to discover your Dutch ancestors and relatives through our Smart Matches™ because we have more data about Dutch genealogy now. After all, the history of the Dutch as explorers and merchants means there are people around the world with Dutch roots, so you may be amongst them!
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Welcome to the family: verwandt.de, moikrewni.pl, dynastree.com and the others that are joining!

Click to view photo in full size
The OSN team celebrating the merger

Today we're announcing some very special news...We're branching out! We're going where we haven't gone before; we're growing and sowing the seeds to connect families in every single country around the world.

We're delighted to let you know that we've now joined up with German family networking group OSN (Online Social Networking GmbH). It's great news for everybody as we will be integrating both platforms to offer new features to everyone and the combined database becomes even better in connecting you with relatives or ancestors. We'll now have a whopping 47 million users worldwide.

Click to view photo in full size
The MyHeritage.com team

It's a great combination really, as not only will we join up with ten market-leading family sites, we'll also be getting some new colleagues from OSN who will bring us the creative and innovative spirit that characterises the group. Together, we can better help you bridge gaps of geography, language and time and make your online family life easier and more enjoyable!

The really good news for you is that with this formidable user base get more Smart Matches that help you find long lost relatives. With 530 million genealogical profiles you’ll be able to further your research conclusively and connect with more relatives online. And it's important to us to mention again that you can do so privately and securely.
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MyHeritage.com Support – Revamped

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Guiding the team to customer service excellence

We wanted to tell you about some important improvements we've made behind the scenes to further improve customer support. We grew our support team, got everybody involved and set up a new "trouble ticket" system to help us keep better track of support requests and make sure that none of your inquiries remain unresolved.

You might have never thought of contacting our support team, especially if everything runs smoothly on your family site. Well, that's the way it should be, but in case you have any question, problem or general feedback, you'll be happy to know that we're there for you. Most common questions have detailed answers with helpful step-by-step images in the Help Center that we started about a year ago. Having a look around there might get you an answer really quickly, if what you want to know is a "frequently asked question" (or FAQ).

Click to view photo in full size
Ran and his team at work

If your question or problem is unique, or you have some individual feedback, you can always get in touch with our support team directly. This is where the new system comes into play and helps us organize and track all communications that reach us every day, until they are resolved.

In order to immerse the entire company with the new support system, we've just completed our first customer support day (actually, it was two days long ;-) . In this special event we brought together all employees of the company into our spacious "villa" workplace, where all of us did nothing except answer support emails. It was to remind everybody that the needs of you - our users - should always be at the center of our efforts. We feel we're better in touch with your needs now and you can be sure that everybody at MyHeritage.com is aware of the importance of high quality customer support.

And finally, a warm welcome to the excellent new folks who've joined our support team: welcome Arbel and Leonardo to the MyHeritage.com family!

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Working together to assist our users

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