4    Aug 20110 comments

MyHeritage: Now in Latvian

Another language was added to MyHeritage.com this week. Your family site can now be displayed in 37 languages. As you’ll see in your language options, Latvian is now available.

With more than 92,500 Latvian users, we received many requests to add Latvian to MyHeritage.com.  We have great pleasure in finally being able to offer it as the first Baltic language in our list. 

It should prove useful for users in both Latvia and Lithuania, making it a little bit easier to connect on MyHeritage.com. Continue reading "MyHeritage: Now in Latvian" »

28    Jul 201112 comments

The new MyHeritage UK Community Manager

Since our previous UK Community Manager, Robert, has now flown from the MyHeritage nest, now is probably an excellent time to introduce our new, shiny and eager UK Community Manager, James.

So, I’m James your new UK Community Manager, I am based in London and I’m here to keep you up-to-date with everything happening at MyHeritage.com and to make sure that you feel at home, always.

 I like to think of this blog as your opportunity to interact with us, so if you have any comments, a great family story or would just like to say hello then you can do so in the comments or on our twitter page (@myheritage) or even at facebook.com/myheritage.

I have spent most of the last few years working in Journalism and Marketing, but I also consider myself to be an amateur genealogist. I started researching my family history around 7 years ago using some (very) basic methods. Recently I placed my tree on MyHeritage.com and it quickly grew to 640 people from 400 using Smart Matches™. The next logical step was, of course, to join the team.

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6    Jul 20115 comments

Introducing Family Goals: Now the whole family can buy a subscription together

We're pleased to introduce Family Goals, enabling you and your family to split the bill on Premium and PremiumPlus subscriptions at MyHeritage.com. By allowing other family members to chip in to help meet the costs of a subscription - family history becomes more affordable and this also encourages the wider family to become more engaged in exploring its past.

If you're not already a member of MyHeritage.com, sign up for free and start your Family Goal today. Visit MyHeritage.com and start a new family tree, or import an existing tree by uploading a GEDCOM file.

Now let's take a look at how Family Goals work.

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8    Jun 20112 comments

Create Your Own Personal Flag (and See If You Can Guess Ours!)

While genealogy is often about discovering your past, MyHeritage is also focused on helping people connect with their living family members and sharing their own personal history.

With that in mind, I was delighted to find a website called We Are Multicolored (WAM) which allows you to create your own personal flag. I'm not talking about traditional heraldry or a coat of arms. Rather, you get to create a new flag that has both personal and historical meaning to you!

WAM provides you with very easy to use tools that allows you to create a custom flag based by combining flags from countries that:

  • You live in
  • Has affected you
  • You’ve dreamed of going to

Continue reading "Create Your Own Personal Flag (and See If You Can Guess Ours!)" »

7    Jun 20112 comments

MyHeritage Acquires Polish Genealogy Site Bliscy.pl

Today MyHeritage is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular Polish genealogy website, Bliscy.pl, in a move that will open a new range of possibilities in Polish family research -- for those in Poland or part of the greater community of Polish descendants worldwide.

With the acquisition of Bliscy.pl, half a million new users have been added to MyHeritage -- expanding our international family network to over 56 million people and 760 million profiles! Combined with last year’s acquisition of the Polish website MoiKrewni.pl, MyHeritage.com is now an excellent resource for anyone researching their Polish family history.

Continue reading "MyHeritage Acquires Polish Genealogy Site Bliscy.pl" »

1    Jun 201113 comments

MyHeritage News: Family Tree Builder 5.1 released

This week we’re pleased to announce an updated version of the most popular free genealogy software program, Family Tree Builder.

Family Tree Builder 5.1 includes all the great new features introduced in version 5.0: enhanced, better-looking family tree charts; built-in poster printing for charts, tree consistency checks, and much more. For more details about the features of Family Tree Builder 5.0, click here.

If you're one of our many loyal users who are already enjoying Family Tree Builder (version 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0), download the new version 5.1 and install it on top of your existing version. Updating to version 5.1 will not affect your family tree data and is safe, recommended and free. The new version also incorporates many bug fixes so it is a recommended update for all users. Continue reading "MyHeritage News: Family Tree Builder 5.1 released" »

9    Feb 20110 comments

Welcome to your family: MyHeritage.com in 100 seconds

We're excited to unveil the all-new MyHeritage.com in 100 seconds video, a glimpse into the many features we provide for families to connect, build their family tree, and preserve special moments.

To learn more about the new features, please take a look at the recent guides for creating beautiful charts, adding source citations and profile enhancements, collaborative Smart Matching, and the December post on new releases.

We hope you enjoy the video and share it with your friends and family!

14    Dec 20100 comments

Month of new releases at MyHeritage.com

Be on the look out this month for new features, tools and products that will be released on MyHeritage.com!

This 2010 represented a very important year for MyHeritage.com. Our constant growth in members on the site (now more than 53 million) plus our commitment to give the best service and products resulted in challenging new projects in MyHeritage.com

Throughout the year of 2010 we have been planning and working on various projects that by this end of the year will be launched. This month is especially exciting for all our team and we can’t wait for our site members to enjoy all of these new features and tools.

It has been months of constant team work, communication with our site members and improvements. Proudly we will keep you updated throughout this month on the new features and tools that will be available in our site. These won´t be the only improvements that will be presented on the site, just in the month of November MyHeritage.com has already launched:

Continue reading "Month of new releases at MyHeritage.com" »

13    Dec 20102 comments

Important new Improvements in Profile Pages: Adding Source Citations, YouTube Videos and More

MyHeritage.com is pleased to announce the next set of improvements to the profile pages, now live on your family sites. Several months ago, we revamped the profile pages to enable highly-detailed documentation of family members’ lives. Now we’ve taken this even further, offering comprehensive management of sources and citations to better document your research, as well as the ability to add interactive web content to profiles such as YouTube videos, photo slideshows and other widgets.

Profile pages are designed to give you an overview of the life of any person in your tree, and make it possible to view, add or edit information with ease. Let’s take a moment to walk through some of the new features we’ve added to the profiles in this update.

Source Citations

View sources you've used to document your profiles (click to enlarge)

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6    Dec 20101 comment

MyHeritage.com Holiday Charts Contest

Create a family tree chart design, send it to us, and take part in our Charts Contest. The winner will receive $200 in printing and shipping costs to get a high quality poster delivered to their doorstep.Last week we launched our Family Tree Charts service. Thousands of you have already created family tree charts and prepared individual designs with individual colors, backgrounds, etc. Now we'd like to see what you've come up with. Send us your family tree design to participate in the contest, it doesn't matter if you have prepared. We'll draw up a shortlist for our readers to vote on. The following points explain how to enter.

Continue reading "MyHeritage.com Holiday Charts Contest" »

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