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MyHeritage Named One of the World’s Top Social Networking Sites

We've always known it, but now it seems other people are starting to give MyHeritage attention for being one of the world’s most popular social networking sites.

A recent report by eBIZ MBAshows MyHeritage at No. 14 on a list of the Internet's most popular social networks that includes heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The really pleasing thing about this announcement is that it recognises MyHeritage not just as one of the best sites on the Web for researching and recording family history but, more importantly, as a family-based social network.

There aren’t many other social networking companies that can lay claim to being as family-focused as MyHeritage is  and we are by far the most successful.

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Praise for Family Tree Builder

The Family Tree Builder 4.0 has been out for a few months; plenty of time for you to try out the maps feature, play around with its family chat and explore the new photo options.

Family Tree Builder AwardWe've received a lot of good feedback about the new program (the bad we're taking onboard for newer versions) and so we wanted to draw your attention to some awards and reviews we've had of the program.

Gensoft reviews is a site launched by Louis Kessler, a long time programmer and genealogist, living in Winnipeg, Canada, which allows ratings and reviews by users of genealogy software.
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20    Nov 20091 comment

Thank You for Your Coverage of the Family Tree Builder!

As you know we recently launched the fourth version of our free genealogy software, the Family Tree Builder. It had a lot of exciting new features, such as more photo options, family chat and a family toolbar and a feature to map your family's migration patterns.

Click to view photo in full sizeThe news about the new Family Tree Builder didn't go unnoticed; many of you wrote about the launch or reviewed the program. Therefore we would like to show our appreciation for the attention you've given to the news and share some of the best coverage here.

A big thank you to genealogists, journalists and bloggers:

In Israel:

Ayelet Noff - Blonde 2.0

For interviewing our Marketing Manager Mario about MyHeritage.com and the Family Tree Builder and publishing about the Family Tree Builder on thenextweb, SocialMediaBiz and Blonde 2.0.
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It’s In Our Genes

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MyHeritage in "Essentials Of The Living World"

There are many layers that make up the interesting world of genealogy. You can analyze your ancestry thoroughly by looking at the many levels that make up a person. The deepest level of all is biology, which uses its magnifying glasses to study the chemical code that is responsible for our biological heritage: the genes. They are the written instructions that dictate our internal and external features.

So we were happy when George Johnson, the author of a biology textbook called "Essentials of the living world" (Published by McGraw Hill) decided to use a picture of our Look-alike Meter widget, based on our face recognition technology, to give a visual example of the consequences of the action of the genes.

Based on the results given by the Look-alike Meter for
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Family Tree Magazine picks MyHeritage for sharing and storing

Family Tree Magazine Family Tree Magazine is America's #1 family history magazine. With stories on genealogy websites, ethnic heritage, family reunions, historical travel and family histories and memories it a great 'how to' publication with tips on discovering, preserving and celebrating family roots.

The magazine recently published the 10 websites that they deem best for " sharing and storing" and MyHeritage had a place in it!

This is what was said:

MyHeritage hosts more than 6.4 million family sites. Besides free sites, it offers Family Tree Builder software, a fun celebrity look-alike photo search, and a recently upgraded genealogy metasearch tool that looks for results in up to 1,350 sites and databases.
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It’s raining awards!

MyHeritage gets awarded by onegreatfamily2009 is a good year for us, or at least for our Family Tree Builder! We got an email the other day from onegreatfamily that we've been selected by them to receive the "One Great Genealogy Site" award for the services we're providing to the genealogy community.

And that is not the only one; Chip.de, one of the biggest German computer portals reporting news on technological advances, picked the FTB 3.0 to be their featured download.
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MyHeritage features in UK’s BBC click!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/8015401.stmWe're always happy if people write about us, but we were especially pleased with this piece of coverage. >Click is what the BBC calls their "flagship technology programme", a weekly UK television show covering all the latest and best websites on the web.

Its presenter Kate Russell devoted part of the programme to MyHeritage last week, telling people about the different ways in which you can use the site, praising its user-friendly interface and branding it a 'social networking community with a purpose.' Well, thank you very much for the laurels.

If you did not see the coverage but are interested in it, you can find it here.

A big thank you to Kate and the team at Click!

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MyHeritage Ranked 3rd Most Popular Genealogy Website

Top 50 Genealogy WebsitesMyHeritage is the most popular free genealogy site in the world, according to ProGenealogists, a leading consortium of professional genealogical researchers who released a study conducted in the first quarter of 2009.

More than 300 genealogy websites were compared against each other using multiple ways to measure online traffic. In the end, MyHeritage was named the most popular free genealogy website in the world, and the third most popular overall.

Two unique aspects set our website apart from other genealogy sites. One is our community focus, which allows genealogists to meet other family researchers. The other is our online Family Tree Builder, which allows researchers to share their trees using our Smart Matching feature.

A strong community allows shared researchCommunity Focus
Only 4 of the top 50 sites were community sites, with MyHeritage by far the most popular with genealogy researchers. Communities are important because they allow you to meet other researchers, share information, and connect with people who share your passion. We believe genealogy and family history are not subjects that should be hoarded away and kept secret. Family history is best enjoyed when it is shared - it's fascinating listening to others' stories about their families!

Sharing Research
One of MyHeritage's strengths is that it gives you access to more than 6 million different family trees from around the world. Family Tree Builder automatically searches each online tree looking for matching entries, and when it finds a match, it lets you know. Using this powerful tool allows you to contact family historians who may share some of your ancestors. You can fill in gaps in your family tree by comparing entries with other genealogists and confirming the matches. Only nine sites allowed researchers to build family trees online and share them, and MyHeritage is proud to be among that group.

Thank You!
All of us at MyHeritage would like to give a big "Thank You!" to all of our members who have made our site so successful. We will continue to develop our genealogical tools and always strive to provide the best service.
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We were nominated for the Open Web Awards… Help us win it!

It was great to hear that MyHeritage was nominated for the Open Web Awards in the "Mainstream Social Network" category. Next to the likes of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter we are in good company ;-)
Mashable is one of the most popular blogs on social media and this is the second year that they are granting this award.

Out of 43 000 nominations we made it into the round of the last 14 Social networks. Not too bad.

Now we just need enough votes to win the competition, and that's where all of you guys come into play:

Vote for us by entering you email address on the right.
They will then send you an email and if you confirm by clicking on the link they send, your vote will be counted. Mashable doesnt use the addresses for anything else then the voting.
And by the way: You can vote again every day ;-)

Let's climb the top of social networking heaven together...

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Mapping online communities

Web Comic Randall Munroe recently mapped the online communities of this Internet world.

As there are 26 million MyHeritage users across the world, we've made the map a little bit more accurate... Check it out for yourself below:

Click to view photo in full size

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