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MyHeritage at The National Family History Fair 2011

Laurence Harris (UK Head of Genealogy) and I recently returned from The National Family History Fair in Newcastle, UK. The Fair was a chance for family history experts and amateur genealogists to meet, exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments in the field.

Laurence speaking with a MyHeritage user.

With over 650 people attending and 35 exhibitors including MyHeritage, Laurence and I were kept busy introducing MyHeritage products and speaking with potential new users throughout the day. It was particularly enjoyable to speak with users at the Fair who’d used our Smart Matching system to find new relatives around the world. We’ll soon be featuring some of these stories on our blog. Continue reading "MyHeritage at The National Family History Fair 2011" »

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Meet the Judges of our API App Contest

Following the recent launch of our Family Graph API developers' competition for the creation of the best web or mobile app for families, we're proud to introduce our distinguished panel of judges.

Judging the competition are some well-known names in tech, investment and family arenas. So, without further ado, let us introduce the judges...

With a particular interest in startups, apps and the constant evolution of digital media, Martin Bryant is the European Editor at The Next Web, one of the world's leading technology blogs. Based in Manchester, UK, he co-founded the city's Social Media Cafe events that helped kickstart a lively cross-discipline digital community in the city.

Creator of GeneaBloggers, Thomas MacEntee is an authority on all things family history. He's one of our favorite genealogy bloggers and writes and lectures on the many ways that tech and social media can be leveraged to add new dimensions to the genealogy experience.

Jessica Fisher, aka FishMama, is the voice behind leading mommy blog LifeasMom. A mom of six, Jessica also writes about juggling home and family duties for parenting publications.

Experienced entrepreneur, operator and seed investor, Saul Klein is a Partner at leading VC firm Index Ventures.

Dad of 5 and passionate about pioneering new technology solutions for our customers, Yuval Ben-Galim is Executive VP R&D at MyHeritage.com

So far more than 50 companies and developers who've submitted applications have been approved to use the Family Graph API. Want the chance to win $10,000? Enter our Family Graph API app creation competition today. We'd like to wish all entrants the very best of luck... watch this space for competition updates.

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MyHeritage.com: Now in Afrikaans!

Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia

That’s correct, yet another language has been added to MyHeritage.com! From today, your family site can now be displayed in 38 languages thanks to the addition of Afrikaans.

This follows the recent introduction of Latvian to our language options, which was very well received by our Latvian community.

There are some 20 million Afrikaans speakers and we are pleased to provide MyHeritage.com and Family Tree Builder software to that large community.

Afrikaans is spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia and has a considerable Dutch influence. The language was brought to the Cape by Protestant settlers in the 17th century and has had sustained popularity since. Afrikaans can also be used as an adjective; relating to the Afrikaner people and their culture.

We hope that you and your family will find this new language useful.

Continue reading "MyHeritage.com: Now in Afrikaans!" »

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Family Fun Day at MyHeritage

It's that time of year... The summer is coming to an end and we're savouring every last little bit of fun we can. At MyHeritage, we decided to get all our families together and enjoy a fun day!

There was plenty going on for families and children alike and we revelled in the last glimmers of sunshine. We enjoyed a relaxing and fun day together with our families. We'd like to share - with our loyal blog readers - the many pictures we took. At MyHeritage, we really are a big family.

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New! MyHeritage.com Family Graph API and Best Family App Contest

The Family Graph API (click to enlarge)

The Family Graph API - making the web a better place for families.

We're very excited to release our Family Graph API in beta - a major new addition that evolves MyHeritage.com from a website into a platform, and allows more developers to create useful services for the users of MyHeritage.com.


Read on to find out more about how this can benefit you if you're a family history fan, a developer or simply someone who enjoys spending time online with their family. Not to mention our $10K prize for the best family app......

So what is our Family Graph API? Continue reading "New! MyHeritage.com Family Graph API and Best Family App Contest" »

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Infographic: MyHeritage.com in numbers

18    Aug 20111 comment

MyHeritage.com Welcomes Sara, our Swedish Community Manager!

Sara, our new Swedish Community Manager

Sara has just joined the MyHeritage team and has been given the task of engaging with our 300,000 Swedish users. In addition, she now has her very own MyHeritage Swedish blog to post daily about all the genealogical happenings in Sweden.

Sara, in her first post, talks about her fascinating family history and how she tracked down her uncle in an otherwise baffling situation. Below is a summary of her story, translated from Swedish.

Her maternal line originates from the East coast of Sweden going as far back as the 1700s. However, her paternal heritage is really rather fascinating. Following the Second World War, both of her grandparents emigrated to Sweden.

Her Grandfather Fransesco came from Taranto in Southern Italy and he met Grandma Marietta when she emigrated from Finland. They lived in Sweden together and bore Sara’s father in 1958. A few years later, her grandfather died leaving her father to be raised without a father or siblings.  Continue reading "MyHeritage.com Welcomes Sara, our Swedish Community Manager!" »

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News from MyHeritage UK – 16 August 2011

Well, it’s definitely been a busy few weeks for UK genealogy. As I’m sure most UK-based people will relate to, we tend to keep many things for the summer months- and genealogy and family history interests tend to subscribe to that notion.

On the 10th August series 8 of the BBC’s ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ kicked-off with June Brown, otherwise known as Dot Cotton from Eastenders. The programme is often lauded with sparking a genealogical revolution in the UK and definitely hasn’t lost its edge over the last 7 series. The first installment didn’t disappoint with a bare-knuckle fighter, persecution and the Spanish Inquisition all components of June’s fascinating family history.

I’m told that the next episode (showing tomorrow on BBC1 at 9pm) charts the family history of JK Rowling and her French roots, including a ‘shocking’ revelation about her great grandfather - definitely one to watch.

Another bit of excellent news is that The Society of Genealogists’ Summer Membership Special Offer is now on. They are offering to completely waive the joining administration fee, which should make membership more accessible for many.

And finally, as if we didn’t need reminding about how popular genealogy is at the moment, the West Glamorgan Archive Service has just released figures that show that they’ve had their busiest year ever. According to Archive staff, the rise in popularity has in part been due to the popular BBC Wales series ‘Come Home’, on which celebrities trace their Welsh heritage for all to see.

Blimey, this genealogy stuff is getting more popular by the minute.

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On the Road Again: MyHeritage goes to Washington DC

MyHeritage is on the road once again - this time to Washington DC for the 31st IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, August 14-19.

This time next week, Chief Genealogist Daniel Horowitz, Genealogy Advisor for the UK Laurence Harris and myself (Genealogy Advisor for the US Schelly Talalay Dardashti) will be attending, presenting programs and staffing the MyHeritage display booth.

From left: Laurence, Schelly and Daniel at the 2009 IAJGS Philadelphia Conference

We look forward to meeting with old friends, with happy MyHeritage users and making many new friends.

In addition to our new MyHeritage Challenge - read below for how you can participate - we are all speaking at the week-long event.

Continue reading "On the Road Again: MyHeritage goes to Washington DC" »

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MyHeritage: Now in Latvian

Another language was added to MyHeritage.com this week. Your family site can now be displayed in 37 languages. As you’ll see in your language options, Latvian is now available.

With more than 92,500 Latvian users, we received many requests to add Latvian to MyHeritage.com.  We have great pleasure in finally being able to offer it as the first Baltic language in our list. 

It should prove useful for users in both Latvia and Lithuania, making it a little bit easier to connect on MyHeritage.com. Continue reading "MyHeritage: Now in Latvian" »

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