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Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Faleminderit! Gracies! Kiitos! Dankjewel! Multumesc!

Volunteers What many of you don't know is that we have a whole army of volunteers that help us translate our site into the 34 languages it is available in. Some of them work on the Family Tree Builder, some on translating the webpages and some on both.

Our family of helpers consists of over 80 volunteers who help with translations in 30 languages. Most of them have their own sites and know MyHeritage well. They really help us enormously so we think it is only fair to mention them briefly here to thank them!

Among this year's volunteers are (in no particular order):
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A carnival called Purim – party on at MyHeritage

Purim is a Jewish holiday that has its roots in the biblical Book of Esther. It is supposed to be celebrated with feasting, maybe that's why it is so popular among Jews around the world. The most obvious way of celebrating it nowadays is that people are dressing up: kids at school, youngsters at parties and grown-ups at company events.

For the MyHeritage Purim party 2009 everyone dressed up as well and our theme was "superheroes". So we dressed up as fantasy heroes from the likes of Batman, Roman gods, Zarra (the female Zorro), Kermit & Miss Piggy, to super cache, super chicken and a super family tree. The costume competition went into a tie break between the super photo page (see picture) and the ToDos slayer together with the invisible power translator. The latter ones were victorious.

Besides the food and feasting, there was also some...
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Family Day and the MyHeritage team as kids

Family Day is the modern version of Mother's Day in several countries across the world like Canada, South Africa and Israel. Here, children are asked to bring drawings and pictures of their family to school; Noa had asked us to bring baby photos of ourselves. We made it into a "Guess who's this" competition in the weeks running up to Family Day and you can see all of them below.

By the way: It was Ayelet who won, with an impressive 17 correct guesses out of 21. You can find her as a kid on the far left, in the red jumper and with the bread (and face) full of chocolate spread.

Click to view photo in full size

So this is the Israel-based part of the MyHeritage team, when we were kids. You can find some of us in our "about" section with other vintage photos.

In Israel, Family Day is generally celebrated on the 30th day of
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Thanks for your continued support for MyHeritage

Times Online Social Networks
After all the blogposts and articles that you have written about MyHeritage over the last few months, we would just like to say, "Thank You." We were very happy to see that after the news of the new bonds between Kindo and MyHeritage, so many of you have continued to be interested in us and write about us.

And there was a lot of news: the teaming up of MyHeritage and DNA testing company FamilyTreeDNA to offer users the possibility to research their family history through DNA tests, the development of a new version of the Family Tree Builder, the popular research software of MyHeritage with new functionality, and the launch of file sharing on your family sites allowing users to upload and share video's, audio files and documents.

For those interested in reading more, here is a very small selection of the coverage of MyHeritage worldwide:
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7    Oct 20081 comment

Kindo and MyHeritage in Real Life

We've had a couple of wonderful days in Israel, getting to know our new friends in Israel. This picture is from yesterday evening, taken just after we finished a late dinner in Tel Aviv. As you see we're all smiles, Kindo and MyHeritage now being one.

By the way, of all the nice things I've experienced here in Israel, Shakshouka is top of my list. I could eat it morning, lunch, evening, and as a mid-day snack.

Click to view photo in full size
PHOTO: From left to right: Nils, Shmulik, Martin, Saar, Mario, Daniel.

1    Oct 20081 comment

Thanks for all your thoughts about MyHeritage and Kindo

Screenshot Press Page MyHeritageThis is just to say thank you for all the blogposts and articles that you have written about the new bonds between Kindo and MyHeritage. We were really stunned by your interest, there were at least 130 of you who wrote about us on their blogs and websites.

There are the big American ones like Techcrunch, Venturebeat, Gigaom, but we also care about all the great blogs in other languages, however big or small. And even if we can only put a small selection on our MyHeritage press page, we are putting a full list of all posts about the Kindo MyHeritage story here on the blog. It is sorted by country (though many blogs probably see themselves as international), so let's dive right into it and start with

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25    Sep 20083 comments

Kindo.com joins the MyHeritage family!

We love Kindo

The story has been leaked in Sweden, ambushed and delivered first on TechCrunch by a nimble bearded French Israeli, written about, blogged, debated, tossed and turned in hundreds of places. So what can I possibly write that you don't already know?

You can read our announcement. But I thought I'd give you the story from a more personal angle... How it all started, and where it will go from here...

I first heard about Kindo when it was only an idea, a sparkle in the eye of the founders Nils and Gareth, early in 2007. Someone gave me a friendly tip -- there's a good team up in London, folks from Skype, and they're brewing up competition for you - a family tree Web site that will spread all over Europe. Take care, mate.

My curiosity stirred, and in a few months, I travelled to London specifically to meet them (of course they didn't know that, they thought I happened to be in town, only a maniac [like me] would fly 12 hours for a one-hour meeting). Nils and Gareth picked a good place for lunch in Soho. Right from the start we had great chemistry and when each of us described what we do and what we want to build, we said exactly the same things. Even face recognition for family photos, a vision of mine since 2003, that we were developing at MyHeritage intensively, was on their planned roadmap. I really liked Nils and Gareth, so lunch was on me. Kindo had not even official launched yet then. And when it did, a week or so afterwards, I found it to be a very nicely done website, with an online family tree tool that was better than anything else previously available on the Internet. I quickly instructed my team to "borrow" one or two good ideas from the Kindo tree...

With my close team of commando coding comrades, I continued building MyHeritage at ferocious speed, scarcely sleeping, and have met with several other competing companies that year. At least 4 of them. It's a great approach because a personal relationship is always a good basis for future cooperation (or should I say, acquisition ;-) and if not, then at least you can part as befriended enemies, look your competitors in the eye and treat them with mutual respect as you continue your battle with them.

On another trip of mine to London in Feb 2008 (this time I really happened to be in town), I caught up with Nils and Gareth again. This time, they invited me to their office in Putney, south-ish London. I remember the office as being very small, with a hot startup environment, just one room with everyone sitting close together and working, 6pm in the evening and the place was packed, not even one of them had called it a day and left for home. Needless to say, I liked it immediately. In my trademark psychopathic style, I always appreciate talent more, when it is coupled with supreme dedication. The walls were filled with sketches and diagrams of future Kindo products. Out of respect I kept my eyes low, I didn't want to look up and spy on what they were building, though I have to say I was quite interested. I then had the chance to meet almost everyone in the team. Our chemistry grew even better. I returned and reported my good impressions. All very young folks, not even one married among them, smart, passionate about what they do, working great together as a team, a future asset for us?

And so it came to be, that several months later we began discussions of a merger, and now it's accomplished. The entire team has joined MyHeritage and we are combining our assets. It's a great combination because Kindo brings us a fresh young spirit. A friendly voice. A love for family and family history. And a true understanding of social networking. Together, we will make MyHeritage the best place online for families. On the eve of the new year here in Israel, I wish us and our users a peaceful, successful, enjoyable, stress-free, financial-turmoil-free, family love-filled new year.

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Good news: top investors join the MyHeritage family

Today we've announced additional funding of $15 million, which will help us build even more useful services for you and your family. $15 million is a lot of money of course, but we're just as happy about the quality and expertise of our investors:
Index Ventures has invested in Skype and Accel Partners proudly holds Facebook in its investment portfolio.

Renowned newspapers like the Sunday Times and popular technology blogs such as Techcrunch have written about our funding and praised the incredible growth that MyHeritage has seen this year. By now you, our faithful users, have created more than 25 million accounts (see our world map of users as well) and added names of 260 million people into more than 5 million family trees.

Thank you for all your support so far, we're looking forward to the next chapter.

You can read more in our press release:
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Meet the MyHeritage team

Click to view photo in full size
PHOTO: MyHeritage team (click photo to enlarge)

Gal, Chris, Sara, Lora and Achutan (who missed the photo shoot) also say hi...

27    Aug 20071 comment

Enter the metrics…

As of this minute, MyHeritage has...

17,181,904 registered members (yes, that's right, more than 17 million)
147,705 family trees
178,815,922 people in family trees
106,023,182 uploaded photos
508,482 active users of our Family Tree Builder software
182,788 blog articles around the world link to MyHeritage.com, says Technorati.com
0 (Zero) dollars spent on marketing. All this love comes directly from our users, we do not buy publicity.

We're very proud of these figures, all gained since our site went live in January 2006.
But as they are growing so fast, please stay tuned and we'll update them on our blog from time to time...

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