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At MyHeritage we take customer support very seriously, and are happy to announce that we are now offering customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are probably the first and only family history and DNA company to provide round-the-clock support.

Our support team now includes 138 full-time employees, taking phone calls and handling support questions via email. We’ve spared no expense and doubled the size of the team in the past 6 months in order to scale up and provide shorter wait times for calls and tickets, as well as keep up with the huge growth of our business. We’re also experimenting with an online chat service and are testing other platforms to provide you with more ways to contact us and allow us to respond faster to your questions. Our support team members speak 18 languages fluently, to ensure that most of our global members could receive assistance in their native language.

There are millions of users on MyHeritage. Every month, more than 100,000 customers contact our customer support. About 45,000 of these queries are phone calls, which represents 100% growth since last year, and about 50,000 are ticket inquiries, which represents 15% growth since last year.

Here are some other ways in which we’ve recently improved our customer support:

The improved online Help Center is your first step for detailed answers to a huge number of possible questions.
It provides more than 700 up-to-date articles in English, and hundreds of articles in each of 8 additional languages. The Help Center was revamped and it now looks and works great on mobile. The Help Center prompts you to type in a question, and then automatically analyzes your question and provides a list of appropriate articles that we think can answer your question. This method successfully handles 87% of all questions we receive.

We have improved the voice-response system in our Support Call Center.
The system can now take your account number and, if applicable, your DNA kit number, to allow our representatives to provide immediate, personalized assistance. To call support, use our toll-free numbers (1-800-MYHERITAGE in the U.S.), and keep your account ID handy in case you are asked for it. You can find your account ID by clicking on the drop-down menu by your name on the top of the screen, when you’re logged into MyHeritage.

Our refund policy is now friendlier.
We have updated our protocols to make it simpler and easier to request refunds.

We significantly increased the size of the Customer Support team.
In addition to our Israel-based customer support center that currently employs 60 people, and our Utah-based support center with a team of 10, we have opened a new customer support center in Ireland, with more than 68 people helping customers around the clock. This enables us to provide drastically better support to our users.

Above: The MyHeritage customer support team – Israel (click to zoom)


Above: Part of the MyHeritage customer support team – Ireland (click to zoom)

Here’s an introduction to some of the people who lead our customer support teams.

Yakir Lasry, VP Customer Relations, Israel

Yakir Lasry, VP Customer Relations

Yakir manages all customer-facing activities at MyHeritage, which include customer support and sales.
Along with a strong foundation in sales, Yakir brings a sense of ingenuity to MyHeritage, shunning phrases like “industry standard” and preferring instead to reinvent systems in order to provide customers with the best possible experience.

In 2010, Yakir joined MyHeritage and single-handedly built the company’s call center. His impressive performance led to his promotion to head the customer support department, where he has been responsible for significantly improving customer satisfaction, and developing processes and materials for optimizing the customer experience.

When he’s not working, Yakir enjoys ice hockey and boxing, and he’s a star player on the MyHeritage soccer team.

Tabea Naeder, Phone Support Manager, Israel

Tabea Naeder, Phone Support Manager

Tabea was born in Germany but has lived in many countries. After graduating with a B.A. in Politics and History in Canada, she moved to Israel in 2011.

She has been working in the genealogy field since 2014, researching heirs of property that was confiscated in Germany during World War II. In 2015, she went from being a user of MyHeritage to working as a Technical Support Engineer in the then-new Tel Aviv office.

After one year, she began managing the ever-growing Support Department in Tel Aviv. She enjoys the challenges of managing people from 17 different countries, giving dedicated support to users in many different languages.

Tabea loves the outdoors and can be found hiking or traveling to exotic destinations. She’s a fearless taster of foods and will not shy away from any dance floor.

Shlomi Ben Ami, Email Support Manager, Israel

Shlomi Ben Ami, Email Support Manager

Shlomi was born and spent his first 4 years in Israel before moving to Germany for the next 30 years. In Germany he worked in customer support for nearly 15 years for a small software company, spending 80% of his work-time traveling within Europe and occasionally North- and South-America, providing on-site support and running installation and implementation projects at banks and insurance companies.

He joined MyHeritage almost four years ago, as a technical support engineer. After the first week, he already felt the “click” and knew he had found the place to stay. A year and a half  later, he was promoted and accepted the challenge of managing the Email Support Team.

Shlomi loves photography and in his spare time he travels to remote countries trying to capture their essence in a picture.

Daniel Scannell, Operations Manager, Ireland

Daniel Scannell, Operations Manager

Daniel, whom everyone calls Dan, has 5 years of experience in customer relations and has worked in partnership with some of the world’s most iconic companies. He now manages MyHeritage’s growing operation in Ireland which provides support via email, phone and social media to customers in English.

He believes that understanding the customer’s journey is the key to delivering beautiful customer experiences and that a fun and creative work environment where team members can learn, share insights and develop new skills is core in building an out of this world support team.

Dan is a numbers geek and admits that he loves nothing more than getting into a complex spreadsheet. He’s passionate about translating complex data into insights that help paint a picture and tell a story.

Simona Fedinova, Group Manager, Ireland

Simona Fedinova, Group Manager, Ireland

Simona has 10 years experience in the customer service industry. She started on the phone in the telecoms industry and worked her way up through several departments, such as training, quality, and retail support. She advanced through industries a number of times and chose to become a part of the MyHeritage management team in Ireland.

She is passionate about delivering beautiful customer experience not only to the customers but also employees. She is a problem solver and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work, no matter how challenging.

Born and raised in Slovakia, she has lived in Ireland for the past 12 years. She’s an avid movie-goer and if she’s not in the cinema, you can find her enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a good mystery novel.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about our team. It’s really important to us that our customers receive the very best support experience in the industry which is why we have focused on building such a strong department.

Our specialists are here for you, ready and available, whenever you need them.

The MyHeritage team

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  • Charlotte Baker

    June 14, 2018

    I spoke with Jack in Ireland this week He was Wonderful… He knew right where to take me to solve my problem. I give Him a 5 star review He was personable and Kind. Thank you so much for your team.

  • Gil Woodside Jr.

    June 15, 2018

    How do I access my pedigree tree?

  • Steven Soprych

    September 3, 2018

    The filters for the DNA results sections are very helpful, but I see a potential addition that can make searches more effective. Many of the matches have family trees. Many individuals in these trees are tied to specific locations. If a town or city search box can be added; it would greatly reduce one’s search efforts, in locating distant relatives, from their large pool of DNA matches.

    • Esther

      September 4, 2018

      Hi Steven,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll escalate it.

      Esther / MyHeritage Team

  • David Meyer

    September 9, 2018

    Wonderful how MyHeritage is growing better everyday.

  • Wanda Stack

    December 5, 2018

    the name of my family tree shows Isolica Family Tree….I need to change that to Stack family Tree

  • Roger A Fike

    December 11, 2018

    What is the cost for 6 months covering the world?