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A Work of Art: Family photos

An Australian 5-year-old has started her modelling career early - as a work of art for her father’s photography project.

Australian photographer Bill Gekas has taken the typical family portrait to another level by recreating famous paintings using his daughter as the  model.

Even the family cat makes an appearance in Bill Gekas' photography (Credit: Bill Gekas)

Gekas was inspired from classical and modern iconography including “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” and the Joker from Batman. You can see the photo collection here.

Girl with a pearl earring (Credit: Bill Gekas)

Photographs are a great way to document a timeless piece of history, and even more so when using your own family. Gekas’ project shows how you can produce both powerful imagery and family moments at the same time.

The project is one of many creative ways to get the whole family involved in preserving family memories and history.

Have you embarked on any photo projects with your family? How do you preserve your family memories?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I am very fond of taking photos, and I always take special photos of my immediate family members yearly on their birthdays. The idea is to monitor feature developments as each one of us grows older.

    I have three daughters and one son. I always take a photo with my son, and in our first photo he is holding a tablet and I am holding an old school slate. In the earlier years we used the slate in our beginners' classes at school, and they are now using tablets.
  2. I want to follow the family tree (Morata)

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