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#DadTaughtMe: Competition Winner

For Father's Day, we asked you to share what your father taught you by finishing the sentence “Dad taught me. ...”

We received some great responses demonstrating how your fathers have impacted your lives, whether it was advice, a loving saying or a life lesson.

Here are some favorites:

My #DadTaughtMe to always ponder the world around me, because the finiteness of life is fleetingly beautiful.

My #dadtaughtme that even the worst experiences have a bright side!

#DadTaughtMe that family is forever. Part of family is family history and that has to live on.

#Dadtaughtme no matter what you're born into you can make something of your life, and leave a legacy to your descendants!

My father told me never to bypass a stranger because everybody needs a friend. Growing up he taught me to paint, wallpaper, do carpentry, fix cars and be responsible and honest. He was well known and respected in our town as a man who would always help for free. I miss his council and advice.

My Dad taught me the importance of habits. When turn signals first became available in automobiles we were driving down one of our county roads on our way home when dad came to a road and he turned on the signal. I looked all around and did not see another vehicle in sight. I asked Dad why he was using his turn signal since nobody would see it. Dad responded that if he used the turn signal every time he was making a turn then he would get in the habit of using this new device and then he would not forget to use it when it really mattered.

Congratulations to our winner Marie Keep on winning a free one-year Data subscription to MyHeritage with her entry:

"Dad taught me to laugh, smile and be happy. Dad had a wicked sense of humour and taught me that it is much better to laugh and smile and be happy then to spread misery around…Dad taught me the importance of family. He loved every family social occasion and it was nothing to see several grandkids hanging off him or sitting on his lap all lapping up his teasing and attention. He loved his big family! Thank you dad for these and all the other memories you have left behind. I love you dad. Happy Fathers Day!"

Thanks to all those who sent in your memories.

We hope you and your family had a wonderful Father’s Day. How did you celebrate?

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