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Photography: Styles and fashion of times gone by

When thinking about old times, we remember past decades by the styles and the fashion trends that were prevalent.

Image credit: Annalisa Hartlaub

I remember frizzy hair and jean jackets in the 80s, and the slicked-back hair of the 90s. But what if I had been around in the Roaring 20s? What would I have looked like in a flapper dress with a feather in my hair?

Have you ever wondered what you would have looked like in a different decade?

One 16-year-old did, and she answerd this question in a creative way. Ohio State University art student, Annalisa Hartlaub, was always fascinated with how fashion and style affected culture over time.

She combined her love of fashion, makeup, photography and art into one project. She created a series of photos of herself, depicting how she would have looked in each decade over the past 100 years.

The photos are phenomenal, and a great way to remember times gone by.

Here are some of her  photos representing the different decades:


Image credit: Annalisa Hartlaub


Image credit: Annalisa Hartlaub

What decade would you like to have been photographed in? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. 1910
  2. How fascinating--I'd like to see how I'd look in the 1890's
  3. The flapper area
  4. 1950's
  5. 1860s to 1890s. Have fabulous old photos of hair in both of those decades! 1920s may have been fun too - or the 1940s!
  6. 1860's - 1880's
  7. Magnificent job of capturing the utmost beauty of this world. Love all of them.

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