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Mother’s Day 2014: Send us your selfies!

There's a famous saying -- “A woman becomes a mother when she gets pregnant, a man becomes a father when he sees his baby.”

Even from the first signs of pregnancy, a woman begins to hope, dream, and worry about her future offspring, and what the future will hold for them.

Mothers never stop thinking about their children. They shower their children with kindness, show off their talents and achievements to anyone who will listen, and always have the best hopes and dreams for their kids.

My mother is a remarkable woman. She is the most positive person I know, always bringing sunshine to every room that she enters.

My mother and me, posing for a selfie

Two years ago, when I became a mother myself, I began to appreciate everything that my mother has done for me over the past three decades, so much more.

I know that I will make sure to pass on to my own son my mother's acts of selflessness and caring for her family, and her characteristics of kindness, perseverence and unbound enthusiasm.

For this Mother's Day, we want to see a selfie of you with your mother (or if you're a mother yourself, then of you with your child), and we want to hear what you love best about your mom.

Send them in to stories@myheritage.com or on our Facebook page by Monday, May 12, 2014. Three winners will be chosen at random for a free MyHeritage PremiumPlus account.

We can't wait to see your selfies!

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