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Happy Easter: Heritage Hunt 2014

Happy Easter!

Eggs are one of the most recognized symbols of Easter. Since ancient times, rabbits and eggs have been associated with rebirth and new life. In Germany, children would make nests for the egg-laying hare, Osterhase, to lay her eggs in.

In America, German immigrants brought their Osterhase tradition to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. The beloved Easter egg hunt tradition began soon after, and it spread throughout the country. Baskets replaced nests and the game evolved into a treasure hunt. Prizes included chocolate, candy, toys and coins.

Read more about the MyHeritage Heritage Hunt below! Modern day egg hunts are very popular and some are even community wide. Many large organized egg hunts compete for the world record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

At MyHeritage, we are continuing the tradition of our annual Easter heritage hunt - an online scavenger hunt in SuperSearch - our digital archive of historical records. Put your research skills to the test and take your chance at winning a free MyHeritage data subscription. We’ll choose one lucky winner  to win a free one-year subscription to MyHeritage’s online digital archive – SuperSearch – for unlimited access to billions of historical records.

Do you have what it takes to be a Heritage Hunter? Just solve the three clues below that will lead you to historical records in our collection. Then send us screenshots of what you find - by April 27 - to stories@myheritage.com with the subject “Heritage Hunt.” One lucky person who sends all three correct answers will win! Clues:

  1. In our BillionGraves collection, we are looking for a woman whose maiden name was Egg, and who was born in the same year as the US First Lady, Bess Truman.

  2. We want to know the number of people with the first name Bunny and the number of people with the last name Bunny in the Social Security Death Index.

  3. In the U.S. Naturalization Records, we are looking for someone who immigrated to the US on Good Friday in 1928, and whose first name is Chocolate.


  • You may ask any questions - with “yes" or "no” answers - in the comments below.

  • Use our advanced search features to find the records in each collection, with as much information you know.

  • With the screenshot, indicate the name of the person on the record.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Q1 A= Louisa Emilia Kendpick, nee Egg, b. 1885, d. 1964, buried Providence City, Utah.
    Q2 A=First name 'Bunny' = 806; Last name 'Bunny'= 39.
    Q3 A=While a Chocolate Chan arrived in 1954, I can find no arrival of a person first-named Chocolate arriving on 6th April 1928.
    Thank you for an interesting Easter Quiz.

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