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Happy Valentine’s Day: Your stories and photos

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a special day, filled with love and happiness. Millions of people around the world will send tokens of their appreciation to friends and family, and say "I love you" to their loved ones.

The best love stories are not ones from the movies or storybooks, but the ones that come from our own families. These stories stay with us as lasting memories and are passed down from generation to generation.

At MyHeritage, we know how important  family and love are in our lives. Last week, we asked you to send in your family's love stories.

Here are a few of our favorites that we want to share with you on this special day:


My mother spent her early years living near a pond and was familiar with canoes. My father may have experienced a similar background because my grandfather sold land around a lake and had a summer cottage on it. After they were married, instead of getting in a car for their honeymoon, they got in a canoe and paddled across the pond to a waiting car. Most likely they mounted the canoe on the roof of the car because their honeymoon trip was canoeing through the wilderness waters of New Hampshire and Maine. I never heard a story about how they met but there is no doubt they shared the same love for aquatic adventure.


My grandfather was in the Royal Navy and on one of his trips around the South African coast, their ship docked at East London on the east coast of South Africa. My grandmother, May, was a very good piano player and she was asked by her mother to play and entertain the sailors on an evening at the Mission to Seamen. My grandfather, Tom, walked up to her and said…”I am going to come back to South Africa and marry you.” They corresponded and fell in love. She laughed, but a year later he did come back and fetch her to be married in London, England. May played the piano on the Union Castle Line ship that took her and her mother to England and entertained the travelers on board with her piano playing. My Gran and Grandad were married in 1924 and my grandfather passed away in 1980.They returned to East London, South Africa with their three children and lived there until their deaths. My grandmother lived to the age of 94 and they had 13 grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren. My mother was their eldest and she is still with us at the age of 89 in May 2014.


When Eddie walked into my grandparents’ 50th anniversary party in May carrying a huge pot of his mom’s mashed potatoes, our eyes met. He was introduced to me as one of the three sons of Uncle Jimmy’s girlfriend, Eva. He asked me to come over to his house later to listen to his Big Band records. I thought he was much too young for me, a mature 20 and he, just graduating from high school, so I told my younger sister Dorothy, “You go over and listen to his records.” It ended up we both went. That July Eddie went to Great Lakes Boot Camp and in August he left for Jacksonville, Florida. We wrote letters to each other. He had plans for the future: college on the GI Bill after the Navy, a career in medicine. Everyone thought we were too young to marry but no one objected when I told them Eddie called and proposed. I bought my train ticket in December and Eva packed a few household things for us and drove me and my big suitcase to the station. All that happened in 1945, nearly 70 years ago, and we are still together.


My great-grandmother Charlotte was the "hired help" for my great-grandfather Tony's family, and they got sweet on each other. Due to parental disapproval, he was dragging his feet. Meanwhile, another young man started paying attention to Charlotte. She confronted Tony and told him she was going to town on Saturday to buy a wedding dress. The other man had proposed and she was ready to get married, so if Tony couldn't make up his mind, she would marry the other man. It was enough to get Tony off the fence and they were married to a ripe old age, devoted to each other the entire time. When they were old, gray and wrinkled she would look at him and say, "Ain't he purty?"

We hope you enjoyed these stories. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Fun to read others' stories!
  2. Great stories! I especially enjoyed Yvonne's. My only story is about my parents. They met at a youth group at the beautiful Riverside Church in Manhattan. But my mother was a twin - so at first my father invited them both to go out riding bicycles at Central Park. Ultimately, after a whirlwind courtship of three months, he chose my mother and the rest is history!

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