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Baby naming: Trends from 2013

Choosing a name for your child is one of the hardest tasks for new soon-to-be parents.

You approach this with trepidation and fear. How will the name be received by friends and family? How will it serve your child as they journey through life? The decision can be overwhelming.

As 2014 begins, we look back at 2013 and discover how parents chose baby names.

Many notable events effected how parents named their children. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named the Royal baby George, bumping that name and other British names up on the list of popular boys names for the year.

Today’s Parent reveals how this year’s pop culture has influenced baby naming. The name Aria, from "Game of Thrones" got a spot on many top baby name lists for the first time. The name Finn (made popular by "Glee" character Cory Monteith), appeared on the charts after the actor's untimely death.According to Babycenter's internal surveys, Jackson was the top boy’s 2013 name , and Sophia was the most popular girl’s US name. This is the fourth year that Sophia has topped the US list. Emma stayed at the number 2 spot for the second year in a row. In the boys' top 10 were three other ‘J’ names: Jayden, Jacob and Jack.

Nameberry produced a top 100 list for 2013 showing a major trend towards names that start with vowels. In the Top 100 list, more than 30%  of the girls' names and more than 20% of the boys’ names begin with A, E, I or O. According to that list, the Shakespearean name Imogen takes the top slot for girls and the Biblical name Asher for boys. They see the rise of choices influenced by characters from children’s books such as Alice, Matilda and Eloise as well as the names of writers and other literary figures. Names that have increased in popularity on their list in 2013 were Elodie, Maisie and Evangeline for girls, with  Aiden, Kieran Bodhi, and George for boys.

While each baby naming site ranks names differently, the trends that emerge from 2013 are interesting.

What do you think of the naming trends of 2013?

Let us know in the comments below.

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