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10 Ideas: Creative family photo shoots

Family photos are the best way to preserve family history.

Here are some ideas to spice up your family photos and create lasting memories:

-Play dress-up with the kids, for a really fun picture-taking experience.

-Capture a tickle fest.

-Lie down and have someone take the picture while you’re looking up.

-Use signs in the picture.

Image credit: emilygarrisonphotography.com

-Take a running picture. Have the kids run slightly ahead of the adults.

-Take a family photo just of your feet.

Image credit: http://1x.com/photo/31123

-Use a car, wagon or bicycle to add a nice backdrop.

-Stand in a row, holding hands.

-Catch a mid-air jumping pose.

Image credit: flickr.com/evilerin

-Take a photo outside, with your family, in all four seasons. Choose the same location and the same pose. Group all four photographs together on the wall.

    What other ideas for creative family photos do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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