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Holiday Contests: Win a digital camera!

To celebrate the holidays, we're having some great contests and giving away wonderful prizes for you and your family.

Every day until December 26, we'll hold a new contest to enter.

Ready to try your chance at winning today’s holiday competition? Come up with an original caption for this photo for a chance to win a digital camera. Enter by writing it in the comments below by December 27.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next contest.

Good luck!

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  1. Watching over the family!
  2. Such a nice nap on this branch until you all showed up to take pictures!
  3. Just hanging around, waiting for the family photo!
  4. Everyone has that one weird uncle that hangs out above the rest!!!!
  5. ...........think you're taking this family tree photo over the top,get down and stop playing the fool..........
  6. Time for the smith family to branch out Dad
  7. appearing in time from all branches of the family
  9. Uncle Mutt out on a limb
  10. Every family has one branch of the tree who is out there.
  11. I'm going out on a limb to say, "This here tree would make good fire wood".
  12. "Haha... and you thought planking was something new"!
  14. When your out on a limb trying to get the tree organized, get on MyHeritage.com to help.
  15. "Love hanging out with the family!"
  16. Out on a limb!!
  17. A Head of the family
  18. It's Genetic!
  19. He saw one little spider and Uncle felt the need to pose for the picture from the safety of the tree branch!
  20. A family stands up for members who are on a thin limb.
  21. There's one in every family! Just hang in there, she's bound to fall soon.
  22. "Yes, I'm the black sheep of the family. How can you tell?"
  23. Houdini family reunion.
  24. The ghost of Christmas past
  25. Every family has at least one crazy old bat in it.
  26. We told uncle jeb to quit sampling his moonshine
  27. George was always lying about his family tree.
  28. This is proof the Nuts don't fall to far from the Tree.
  29. Barking up the wrong tree! Yet again Uncle Barry fails to log in to the online family tree.
  30. He always was a high flier
  31. Uncle Bob: the original plankster
  32. find the hidden disembodied limb!
  33. I hope I don't fall off in front of all these people!
  34. We knew after the séance that Bobby would watch over us forever.
  35. Our brother is an outstanding member of the family!
  36. They just couldn't decide whether to have a landscape or portrait photo.
  37. When "Planking" is invented people will see this and realize that I was first .... head and shoulders above all others!
  38. Is this a new branch of the Family?
  39. Look ma ... no hands!!
  40. Zacchaeus, back in Bible times went out on a limb, just to see Jesus! I guess there is one in every family tree. Just have to look high and low, and on every branch!!!
  41. "The Christmas Spirit Moved Me"
  42. Crazy Uncle Harry, he always has to above the rest of the family.
  43. As they say - you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family !!
  44. So I outgrew my tree house...
  45. Crazy uncles don't fall far from the tree!
  46. All of us just hanging around!
  47. Uncle Bunion is the cuckoo in this branch of the family tree!
  48. There is always a silly "nut" in every family tree!
  49. Staying on top of it all.
  50. Fred kabat
    December 23rd 2013 20.46
    He.s from the higher branch of the familey
  51. They always said he was lying around
  52. Minnie's brother refused to let that striped dress be the center attraction of another photo.
  53. Getting "HIGH" in the tree !
  54. And who's in your family branch?
  55. Everybody smile. We'll just pretend he's not there.
  56. "When I get my hands on that digital camera, I'll delete him from the tree!"
  57. That's Bob, just hanging around!
  59. Poor Uncle, can't hear ya know, the photographer said we need one to lay down, not hang around.
  60. When Uncle Harry said he was branching out, I thought he was talking about his job.
  61. There is always one odd branch or Our family is branching out..
    Very fun photograph.
    Regards from Alberta, Canada.
  62. Uncle Partridge on the first day of Christmas.
  63. Love the Holidays with my relatives and hanging out under our family tree.
  64. The Heirarchy of the family tree
  65. I'm so sorry l forgot the Christmas Tree how long must l stay up here as a decoration
  66. the branch above
  67. The devil made me do it!
  68. No Fred, you did not invent the airplane !
  69. And you thought your family was weird. He even sleeps there so he won't miss anything.
  70. Just dropping in for that family photo!
  71. He 's flying high!!
  72. Earliest record of photobombing has been found
  73. Levitation makes a magical memory
  74. Hey! Who's that monkey up in the tree?
  75. Family Overseer
  76. We're investigating all branches of our heritage.
  77. We (UNDER the branch) look solemn for a reason . . . and I (ON the branch) also look solemn for a VERY good reason! :o)
  78. I told dad he should have brought the wide angle lens
  79. Mable, did you really think we wouldn't notice?
  80. The things I do to get my picture taken, even if it takes laying out on a limb.

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