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Webinar: Family History Q&A

Do you have any brick walls in your genealogy research? Need help looking for that long-lost ancestor?

Join us for a Q&A panel with our top genealogy experts who will answer your questions and provide hints and tips for continuing your family history research.

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Date: Monday, November 18, 2013
Time: 2-3pm EDT, 7-8pm GMT

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  1. My Grandfather Charles Henry Anderson is a brick wall.born Newtown n.s.w. and said to be deceaced by 1939 . Mother Mary Hatton Father ? Anderson, I have a death cert. for a Mary Hatton it states spinster no children . at the time of my grandparents marriage in 1910 both C H Anderson's parents were listed as dead.
    On some of birth cert's he is listed as labourer, carter or farmer. I have followed a few Andersons I can't link them to Dad.Thanks for this opportunity.
  2. How will MyHeritage subscribers benefit from your recent agreement with FamilySearch? Do they have tools that may be useful in my research?
  3. Hi,

    FamilySearch will be sharing with MyHeritage a massive number of international records and family tree profiles which are key to researching family history. These include all profiles of deceased individuals from the FamilySearch Family Tree (about 1 billion profiles), and a large selection of global historical records (about 1.2 billion additional records).

    This will give MyHeritage users many more records to search from at www.myheritage.com/research!

    MyHeritage Team
  4. Hello,
    After 12 years I still can't break through my brick wall. Info re access to migration/ immigration/naturalisation records to/in Australia pre Federation (1901). Researching Friedrich Copenech born Fiume, Austria 1857/1869; married 1889 Sydney NSW; died 1920 Sydney. Enemy/Alien internee 1914 - 1920.
  5. I have a great grandfather who was supposedly from Sweden. H lived in Moline,Ill and traveled working on the railroad out west. He met my great grandmother and married her in Plumas Co Ca in 1907. They moved to Idaho where they lived until his death in 1949. I have census records but they are all have different birth places on them for him, I also have a copy of his marriage certificate on which says he was born in Sweden. I cannot track to the correct family and where. His name supposedly was Albert Anderson and he was born approx. 1872. How can I connect him to the right family? On his death record it says his father was Axel Anderson and his mother was Sophia Anderson. I have been trying to figure this out for years. I need help.

    Kathy Gibson
  6. Hi Kathy, I can fully relate to your dilemma . I too have a great-grandfather whose name I carry and have run into the proverbial brick wall. Every census record I find him listed each has a different place of birth, parents place of birth is different as well. I have thought about purchasing his death certificate but that info is only as good as what the person answering the question knew at the time. Also, there is no guarantee the information will appear on the certificate and no refunds. Other branches I can go back 500 + years. Good luck on your search !

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