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Results: Family heirlooms competition

Throughout October, we celebrated Family History Month, and brought  you exciting competitions, webinars and tips to enhance your family history research.

We wrapped up our competitions last week by asking you to tell us about your family history finds to win a free PremiumPlus and data subscription.

We want to thank everyone who submitted meaningful stories and anecdotes about their precious family heirlooms.

Congratulations to our winner, Liz Zito, who wrote the following:

My Dad died when I was four, in 1965. In recent years I have become obsessed with trying to find out more about his life, his family in Italy and his loves. The youngest of nine, many of my siblings had told me that he loved to play the round-backed mandolin that had been passed down to my brother. I had seen it once but have no memories of my father playing it, holding it. In April last year, I asked my brother if I could visit and take photos of it and when I arrived, he handed it to me telling me I could keep it. I was so grateful. I've since found out that my father had sponsored an Italian friend to come to Australia from Italy and this gent had brought the mandolin for my father as a thank you gift. My plan is to get it restrung and to learn to play one of the songs he used to play on it. When I hold it now I wonder how it looked in his arms...whether he strummed it hard or plucked it gently and if it looked tiny against his hands. I often embrace it, closing my eyes and try to feel my father's presence. It's precious to me and the only thing of my father's that I have.

Here were some other interesting comments:

Recently I was fortunate to receive a box of journals and other memorabilia relating to my grandfather...But maybe even more special is a collection of perfectly preserved and pressed maple leaves - still with beautiful colour, which are dated pre-1928, which was when he returned to New Zealand.

We have a a skull, we don't know for sure whose it is, but we think it belonged to a great grandfather of ours, it's encased in glass and I don't have a picture (or access to it, since my nan who lives in Scotland has it), but I figured it counts as unique.

Although Family History Month is over, we hope that you will continue to learn, collect and share your family history.

Let us know how you plan to further your family research! Good luck!

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  1. I live in victoria australia and just this post couldn't leave it - it was a lovely warm day and a group of the (GIRLS no age's) were sitting outside we had a lovely time remanising what it was like in our day thanks for the memories good luck to one and all
  2. What a lovely story - Congratulations and well done Liz. I didnt enter this competition but you have inspired me to enter as my dad died when I was eight (I was the youngest too). I have written my biography and I wont say anymore as it could be part of the story entry. Anyway I enjoyed reading yours. Kind regards
  3. Congratulations Liz, what a wonderful story. How generous of your brother & a gift of love to you. May you pass it on to another generation in your family. Be sure to take pictures of yourself with the instrument to pass on as well.
  4. hi friends i have been doing my family search for about 6 years thanks to my heritage i have fought more of my granny family i like this my heritage .
  5. interesting , I am still looking , family carter drummond connection to Lancashire + scotland
  6. Thanks you all you very kind people.
    Hope that Christmas is full of family history love!

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