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Poll: Would you change your name?

Names - surname and given - are essential to family history research.

A surname passes through many generations connecting family members with that common surname. Many people are also named after deceased relatives to honor those individuals.

Names can be rare or even banned. For some, even a stranger’s opinion influences the name of a newborn.

Generally, names are given to us, but people are beginning to adopt new names, both given and surnames.

What does this mean for family history?

Will it be more difficult to trace name changes and links to ancestors, or will it make research more exciting?

What do you think? If you could change your name easily, would you?

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  1. I would change my name to honor my heritage. I would make my name the names of my families surnames.
  2. All names are part of my identication. So personally, I have no reason to change my names.
    I know, in some situations, if the name (first, last and/or the combination of this names) sounds embarrassing, it is possible to do an official change. Sometimes the creativity of parents is unlimited to name their children and they don't think about, what they do.
  3. My grandfather was Taylor, but between 1871 & 1881 censuses he tacked Tunnington on the end.( after Taylor). In the course of succeeding generations, the Taylor gradually disappeared. No one has been able to offer a logical reason. It makes searching very tricky! He was in the Leeds,Yorkshire census at these dates. Any ideas would be helpful.
  4. Hi Derek,

    Perhaps this blog post on the surname Taylor may be useful for your family history research! http://bit.ly/YXHEfo
  5. I might consider changing "Dalton" in my name, if I could find out what my great grandfather changed to Dalton from.

    My uncle sent his DNA to the International Dalton Society because they were collecting DNA from their members, and they told him he doesn't match anyone else in their database.

    We have his dna at a website for DNA matches, and none of them are Daltons or even anything close.

    So how do we find out what his real name was?

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