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Glyn: Century-old teddy bear looks for his family

For over a year, the Bristol Airport staff has been searching for Glyn’s owner.

Glyn, a 100-year-old teddy bear, was found in a bag along with a photograph dated 1918, where he appears with two young girls.

Dora, Sonia and Glyn (image credit: Bristol Airport)

The staff is looking for clues to help find Glyn’s owner or the descendants of Dora and Sonia.  Currently, the closest they've come in their search is to look for a Sonnie and Dora, who wrote a note on the photo's back.

“With dearest love and kisses to our darling Daddie from your loving little daughter & Sonnie. Dora & Glyn." (image credit: Bristol Airport)

Historians and teddy bear experts are also trying to help find more information, including Glyn’s country of origin, most likely Germany, UK or France.

Although Glyn may have aged and is missing an eye, he was definitely a beloved bear, worn out due to the multitude of hugs and kisses received from his owners.


Although old, Glyn is still lovable [Credit: Bristol Airport

The search for Glyn’s family continues. Do you have any information that may help reunite the bear with his family, contact the staff at yourairport@bristolairport.com or at their Facebook page.

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  1. I think Glyn is Sonnie really, Glyn is probably the child on the left as boys were dressed as girls back then. Also that bear has has a lot of alteration if its the same one, paws, stuffing removed etc. hope he finds his rightful home though.
  2. I agree, look at the full-stop after "sonnie", with their names written underneath. It says:
    "from your loving
    little daughter & sonnie.
    Dora & Glyn."

    i.e. from your daughter & son, Dora & Glyn
  3. they are both girls glyn is short for glynda. my grandmothers name was Katherine but she went by kay I know my exes grandfather was named fenton and went by Dick hismiddle name was William so that name was not a nick for his middle.
  4. Did anyone else see the clue, on the top....'taken on the baby's birthday......March 4th 1918......1 yr & 5 months old'.....bet you could find them with that info.
  5. Upside-down text on back reads:

    Taken on Baby's birthday, March 4th, 1918.

    One year and 5 months old.
  6. On the left-hand side of the back of the postcard, it says "From the Studios of..." and a name. From what I can see, the name looks like Dora.

    So...if that is the case, then Dora is the mother and photographer, Glyn is the girl next to the teddy bear, and the child on the left is the "baby" who was one year and 5 months old, which would give a birthdate of 14 October 1916.
  7. Could the Studio name be a clue Dora Studio and a child Dora as at this time usually affluent middle class family's or those who did there own photography had pictures my family was lucky in that our 3 great Grandfather was an avid photo buff dose any one know when the items where logged as lost with Bristol Airport I will assume it wasn't in 1918 as the condition of the bear from pic to present is notable new pads on feet and arms and the stuffing loss
  8. Could we also have the card rotated or a translation of the bottom I think it says.
    John * Baby's birthday March 4th 1918 one year 9511 months old Can we assume that John is the Daddie mentioned and that the younger child is 1 year and 11 months old if so a discreet request for assistance from Census may be able to locate the family in the 1920 Census
  9. The studio is "Dura, LTD" not "Dora", so mother is not Dora the photographer. Children are Dora and Glyn.
  10. Also, Bristol Airport is in Somerset, England, so you'd have to look at the English 1921 Census, not American 1920 Census.
  11. If you don,t find Teds family please can my teddies adopt him and be his new family. I am 74 years old so will have to be Nan but our 14 grandchildren will love him and make sure he is well.
    Regards ChriS McAteer 01843 603648.
  12. Have a location for this photographic studio - Dura Ltd were located at 14, St John's Sq, Cardiff from about 1908 to 1911. The name Glyn would corroborate the Welsh connection. Might be worth asking family historians and the press in Cardiff for assistance in tracing this family and the 1911 Census returns
  13. the child on the left is the one who is 1 year 5 months. on the left it says from the sdudios of dura LTD. on the top it says taken on babys birthday march 4 1918. 1 year 5 months. on the the photo it says dora SONIA and Glyn. sonia is a girls name, so is dora. the kids are both girls so Glyn is the teddy. also the left girl is dora, next sonia Then glyn. left to right. glyn is the teddy. but then it says from dora and glyn so dora is on the very left, then glyn and sonia.sonia is the teddy. a girl teddy.
  14. What happened? any leads?

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