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Genealogy 101: Getting started with family history

Take your family history research to new heights with our free, online webinar Genealogy 101: Getting started with family history.

Join Schelly Talalay Dardashti, MyHeritage's US Genealogy Adviser, who will share her tips and tricks for getting started with your family history research, and answer your questions.

Date: Monday, July 15, 2013

Time: 2-3pm EDT

Register free here: http://bit.ly/11LZsjo

Have any questions you'd like answered? Put them in the comments below, and we'll address them during the webinar.

Feel free to "like" this post. Share it with your friends so they can also join in - the webinar is open to everyone.

Don’t miss this opportunity for tools to discover your family heritage. We look forward to seeing you online!

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  1. How do you look for your Canadian Ancestors who fall of the map after the 1871 Census?

    How do you find your Scottish Ancesters that you were told came from Glasgow, Scotland?

    What if they came from a small town in Scotland and not from Glasgow, Scotland?

    Would there be records in Glasgow, Scotland if they came from a small town around Glasgow, Scotland?
  2. My family name-RIPARIP-is an unusual name for a Filipino. I suspect that my heritage goes beyond the borders of the Philippines-perhaps Indonesia, India or Malaysia. Europe is also a possibility. The features of my father and his siblings are more European than Oriental. How do I start tracking down my ancestry?
  3. If you can manage to find someone from the 16th century (1500-1599), can you find a king with the last name Gassen. My maternal grandfather told me that he was one of his ancestors.
  4. My Mother was a Poynter. I have heard the Pointers came from France during the Reformation when Protestants were not allowed to own anything. Our Pointers/Poynters came here from England. Is the first sentence correct?
  5. How do you record a step-parent?
  6. Hi Murielle. Please copy and paste the link below for more detailed information on adding a stepchild/step-parent.

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