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Family reunion: Relatives reunite in Denmark

It began in summer 2011 when MyHeritage user Patricia Skubis (Madison, Wisconsin) stumbled upon a family discovery. Some two years later, she was in Denmark  on the way to meet her Danish family.

Birgit Thygesen Moses (left) and Patricia Skubis meeting for the first time at family party in Vejle. Image credit: Peter Friis Autzen lokalavi-sen.dk

For more than 30 years, Patricia searched for her Danish roots. She had tried various ways to connect the family history, but never managed to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Patricia’s relatives had immigrated to the US in 1888 , and another branch had been in Australia since 1873. Twenty-seven years ago, Patricia, now 75, had connected with Alison Rogers from the Australian branch. However, Alison was also unable to find the Danish missing links.

One day, Patricia received a new Smart Match on her MyHeritage website. Her grandfather, Martin Thygesen, had appeared in another member’s tree, but not all the information matched completely. Her curiosity peaked, and she wrote directly to MyHeritage member Tage Therkildsen Thygesen for more information.After communicating online, they discovered that Martin Thygesen (1805-1878) was the brother of Tage’s grandfather, Niels Madsen Thygesen (1794-1862).

After 30 years of searching, Patricia had found the missing link to her Danish roots. She not only found the link, but had made contact with several relatives still living in Denmark.

Two years ago, Patricia sent in her story for a MyHeritage family reunion contest and won the first prize of a family reunion. That summer, Tage’s sister Birgit Thygesen Moses traveled to Wisconsin, and the two met for the first time in real life. The two women discovered many interests in common as their relationship blossomed.

Reunited relatives Birgit Thygesen Moses and Patricia Skubis. Image credit: Peter Friis Autzen lokalavi-sen.dk

Recently, Patricia visited Denmark with her daughter, Kristi, and niece, Kathy. They visited their Danish family and explored various places where their ancestors had lived. Birgit also arranged a family reunion in Vejle for relatives throughout Denmark.

We are happy that MyHeritage was able to play a role in bringing together the missing links to Patricia’s family history that led to finding her family and learning more about her Danish heritage.

Smart Matches are a great tool that has led to many solid relationships among relatives around the world discovering each other online.

Have you found any previously unknown relatives using Smart Matches? We’d love to hear more. Send an email to stories@myheritage.com or let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I am so proud for your family to meet after so long a time
  2. My great-grandfather died in 1914 leaving behind 15 children, but I always heard the story that he had a child out of wedlock. Thanks to your site I finally was able to unlock the mystery! He had three more children; I contacted the newly found relatives, who carry the mother's last name only and we are emailing and communicating via Skype. It has been a great revelation, not only for me, but even more for them to find such a numerous family after so many years. Thanks for helping me to help these family members to become part of a bigger group of relatives.
  3. I have sister I have not seen in about 50 years...Teras Tillery,, my dad bought her and boys over to my house,,
    LOVE her ,, 3 boys Live in Lakeland Fla..
  4. I am glad they found each other.
  5. I'm so glad that you united with your family
  6. I would love to know what happened to my gran uncle, his name Denis Barton, He went to America in the 1880s we know he came back to Ireland in 1987 for his Fathers funeral. He used to write home for Christmas. to Lixnaw. co. Kerry. Ireland
  7. would like help finding anyone related to mac carter sims who had to leave Sedalia,mo in 1896- 1900, had a brother who was my grandfather, his name was stewart marion sims, he was married to my grandmother, Dorothy e. richardson
  9. I know the joy of finding one's distant relative in this world of over 7 billion people. Your joy is personal and knows no bounds. I am very glad that the old lady was in a long pursuit of long lost relatives and found them. I am also searching for my relatives beyond 11 generations for the last 20 years but have not been successful. We, in India have a unique system of ancestors' record keeping in Haridwar and other religious places.
  10. My Aunt Alice Murphy emigrated to N/Y in the year 1904 to her brother John Murphy they were both born in Carlow Ireland I have got some info on Alice but dont know what happened to her brother John my uncle I would love to hear from any of his relatives .it would be great to find out any thing at all about how they lived their lives in America.Thanking you in advance.Kathleen Murphy McAuley.
  11. søker opplysning om Brita Gretha Mathiasdtr fra Finland
    1852 - 1926
    Hun skal være min oldemor
  12. It is great hearing of such a wonderful connection with family. I too
    would like to find the first family of my father, Paul Asbjornsen Markley, whocame from Norway to Boston about early 1900s. He
    was married & had 2 or 3 children before leaving the area. Later he
    met & wed my mother & had 2 sons & myself in the 20s & 30s in the Philadelphia area. He was born in Oslo, Norway in 1889 or so,
    & died in Phila. in 1952. He had another daughter, Ann Joan.
  13. I am trying to find my cousin Klaus Larsen born in Copenhagen mother name was Inger and father name was Max .His grandparents were Kama and Hans Rathmusen related to the Minna Steener

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