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Our Stories: A daughter’s project

Chris's graduation photo

People catch the genealogy bug in many ways. For MyHeritage member Chris King (in Georgia, US), it was because of the Girl Scouts.

My daughter, Caitlin, was in Girl Scouts and had to do a family tree of three-to-four generations. I always wanted to know more about where my family was from, but had never thought about doing a family tree. I helped her with the project and together we went back several more generations.

Born Christine Carlton in Paget, Bermuda, in January 1969, Chris' father was in the US Air Force, stationed on the island. Her parents divorced when she was 3, and she, her sister and their mother moved to Georgia, where she grew up. Today she has four children and a step-daughter. She and her husband have been together for 12 years and married for nine, with six grandchildren and another on the way.

Since those early days, Chris has found family in Florida and Tennessee, illegitimate children, and traced a line back to England. She’s been faced with many brick walls and hopes to break through them.

I have traced my father's ancestry back to England back to the 1500s. The surname spelling has changed from Carleton to Carlton. We have a legal stamp used in cattle-raising that is still in use today. There were several family members in the military and some of the English ancestors were "Sir" and "Sire."

My family surnames on both sides are Davis, Carlton, Rice, Foley, Rhodes, Tompkins, Pritchard, Oswald, Johnson, Dugan, Carlisle, Bryant, Saffold, Taylor, Neely, Albritton and Adams. If anyone has any relation or information on these names, please, let me know @carltongenealogy13@gmail.com.

On her mother’s paternal side, it has been harder to trace. Over the years, she has connected with others working on the Davis family. My grandmother was a Rice, but I am stuck trying to find relatives past her father, Thomas Anderson Rice, and her mother, a Thompkins. The spelling could have changed over the years.

Chris and Carl King

My grandfather was named for his father, William “Willy” Davis, whose grandparents were Jacob Henry Davis and Effie Ann Walters. I discovered that Jacob was an illegitimate son of Jacob and Susanna Davis (who eventually married David Oswald, and had two children, Benjamin and Rachael). She also had two sons with Jacob:  Joseph T.  and Henry H.

Chris wants to know where Jacob Rhodes came from, who his parents were, where he grew up and what his life was like. Where did he come from before he purchased land in Robeson County, North Carolina? Why did he have several illegitimate children with so many different women after the age of 50?  What did he know about his ancestors?

Chris joined MyHeritage around 2007.

I like that I can see other family trees and possibly meet some of the people who created those trees; that I can go in and see how the tree branches and I can follow family lines easily and clearly. The tree was easy to set-up and create, and I can print it out.

We asked Chris if her family was also involved.

My two youngest children are involved and interested in following the family tree. When I find something new, they get just as excited as I do.

Chris has more than 250 people in her tree. Relatives live in Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina. Although she knows Richard Rhodes moved to Texas, she hasn't traced much of his family from there. She’s found his gravestone, but hasn't tried to follow that branch.

Gravestone of Richard Rhodes

As far as unknown or long-lost relatives, she’s found Carlton cousins in Florida. She has emailed one and become Facebook friends. Another possible Davis cousin was found through Facebook, but she’s still trying to find the connection. Another has emailed Chris and they have also become Facebook friends.

Another distant Davis cousin has helped tremendously with the Davis family line. He’s the one that sent me the transcription of Jacob Rhodes’ will.

The main story Chris is stuck on now is trying to learn more about Jacob Rhodes, his life and his ancestors.

The main experience I would like for others to have is the joy of finding the mysteries in the family links. Finding the names, birthdates and birthplaces are great but finding the personal stories behind the names is even more interesting.

Chris shares her tips for beginners:

  • Don't give up.
  • When I find new links, it's like finding a new piece of a puzzle that wasn't visible before.  It is an amazing thing to be able to trace our ancestors and find out who these people were and what their lives were like.

Did you enjoy Chris' story? If you have a story to share about your own genealogical journey, let us know at stories@myheritage.com.

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  1. Soooo glad you caught the genie bug! Keep up the great work!!!
  2. My mother's maiden name was Tompkins, from Virginia.
  3. i am a JOHNSON by marriage. i loved ur story. i haven't found ll of mine either was told maybe from SWEDEN.. maybe? VICTOR WAYNE JOHNSON was born in SALT LAKE CITY UTAH in 1947. hit a lot of walls
  4. enjoyed and is interesting. Where do you find historical information for your family? I have not been able to find any.
  5. Chris: I have played with following my family tree for 50 yrs.. You will hit walls and look at the same info weeks later and find something that will open the dam and move you way up the tree.
    I have been very lucky and have 5 lines to( Adam and Eve). This is using history and the Bible. Many Kings and Queens. You said that you had people that had the title of Sir. You need to work on these names. Not only their name but the wife's name. In many cases they may be married to the daughter of royal families.
    Good luck.
  6. Tried to send email is not working I quess. Here is the information.Chris and Carl King of Georgia on My Heritage Blog

    Saw your story on The Heritage Quest Blog
    Info on a Thomas Anderson Rice son of John Rice 31 Jan 1807-17 Feb 1873
    spouse of John Sarah Harding or Sally no other info
    Siblings William W md E Thrall, then Thomas, Lydia Ann , Mary Elizabeth Md M J Faucett, David, Nancy Emily, Frances Marion, Ruah C md G Briggs, Louisa E md J Ross, Esther md George Byers

    There are some discrepancies in the material connected.
    My Rice Ancestor is Randolph Rice 1762-1833 and wife Sarah Ruth Puryear 1750-1798. one of their sons was David Anderson Rice who married Sarah Harding dau of Abraham Harding. They had children: John, Aaron, Anderson, Abram Harding and William Corydon

    I also have a Taylor Ancestor
    Daniel David Taylor born 1802 Adams County Ohio md Lucinda Shackelford. Have not proved this.
    Do you have any of this?
  7. Take it from a 81 yr It is you learn a lot of history and geography. How to do research. I have been working on my family since I was in high school as a class project. My family has a brick wall. Those Irish !! They like to hide and leave no tracks. I keep looking. Working on the other members. Glad to help if I can. A Utah GS.
  8. i have Rice ancestors in cork ireland. my 3rd grt grandfather is James Rice born abt 1802 and died 1878. dont know who he married for sure, or who his parents are.
  9. Thank you so much for your comments. I am overwhelmed already at the response to my story. It is amazing how you can find relatives and ancestors in the most random places. Just this weekend, I have found some cousins on my Carlton side that I never knew. We have just started contacting each other and are sharing stories and genetic links. I am excited to follow up on these leads you each have provided. Thank you again for contacting me. And thank you so very much for the advice. You can also contact me at my email listed above. God Bless you all. Chris
  10. Not another Chris King! My name was Chris King until I married a Swain. I have moved from York UK to Javea Spain, but have had post for a Chris King who lives in Wales.

    None of us are related - but I did not realise the name was so common! At school when the register was called, I answered to King Christine - and felt quite regal!! I am trying to find my birth father Geoffrey Walker King born in the early 1900's possibly 1908
  11. My grandmother was a King from Wellington Ontario Canada
  12. can anyone help me please. I live in Darwen Lancashire England and have been doing my family tree for several years now but have hit a brick wall which is so frustrating. Several members of my family are missing from the 1861 census. I know they definately didn't move out of this town and none of them were dead. Unless i can find this missing link i can go no further. It is so frustrating. The names i am looking for are Brindle and Crompton.

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