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Family History: QR codes

My own genealogical QR code

Those square graphics of squiggles - QR codes - are found on everything.

We use them to find sale prices on items in stores, use them on organization and event flyers for more information and myriad other uses. Our smartphones translate the squiggles into practical information.

I've always thought that it would be great to have a personal genealogical QR image that could be put on T-shirts or hats worn at a gen conference, or perhaps on our conference badges.

Point your smart phone at it, and see what families I'm researching, from where, my DNA haplogroup, what gen societies I belong to and other relevant information.

I generated my own QR code at http://myqr.co/, a free site.

Wouldn't that be an innovation at genealogy conference?

Instead of handing out business cards listing our families and locations (yes, that's very common at gen conferences!), as well as contact data, we'd hand out a card with a QR image.

Of course, it might be simpler to just read a business card, but wouldn't you want to be the first to hand out or receive a genealogical QR?

Are you a genealogy blogger? Why not generate a QR code for your blog? Here's the one for the MyHeritage Blog:

Here's our MyHeritage Blog QR!

We're always talking about getting the younger generations involved in the pursuit of family history.

This seems to be the perfect hook to bring in our future lifeblood! What if they could just utilize QR codes to learn who's researching their families?

Do you have a QR code for your genealogical research or for your genealogy blog?

Share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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  1. Nice idea, but what an amazingly easy way for someone to steal a whole lot of personal information. No, I would not wear my DNA on a badge.

    Not everyone in our world is totally trustworthy and I would not offer up this much information to just anyone.

    But that is just me.

  2. Wonderful idea that I thik my work for my family. I will visit the freesite you listed to read more about how a QR code is generted containing the data.
  3. Hi, Scott. One can put as much information or as little information in a QR as desired. Just listing a haplogroup doesn't give anyone much personal information. I've been at conferences where those with the G haplogroup wear buttons to identify themselves, as there are relatively few of them. We're not talking about listing all your markers, just your haplogroup, which is the same for a huge number of people around the world, so not much personal information is in that bit of info.

  4. Hi, Jacqueline. It is another way for technology to help us connect! Again, you can put as much or as little data as you'd like into that QR code.


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