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Competition: Oldest wedding photo results

Thank you for the overwhelming and beautiful entries to our oldest wedding photo competition.

With your help, we've narrowed the vote down to the top winner, who will receive a one-year PremiumPlus and one-year data subscription to MyHeritage’s SuperSearch, our online database with access to billions of records.

With over 30% of the votes, photo 8 is the winner!

Antonie Peeters (1885-1968) and Pieternella Adriana François (1884-1966); Rotterdam, Netherlands; October 25, 1910.

Congratulations to Rob Hoogenbos who sent in the photo from his maternal grandparents from their wedding in Rotterdam in 1910.

Here's the story behind the photo, writes Rob:

The wedding picture is of my grandparents on my mother's side of the family: Antonie Peeters (b. September 22, 1885, d. May 5, 1968) and Pieternella Adriana François (b. October 26, 1884, d. January 2, 1966), taken on their wedding day October 25, 1910, in their hometown of Rotterdam. The marriage went against the grain of their mutual families for religious reasons. He was a Catholic, she was a Protestant. His mother told him to leave the girl or leave this home. As the oldest son, he was to follow in the footsteps of his father running their very successful family business (a pub), so basically he was set for life. Nevertheless, he chose "the girl," and never set foot in his parents' home afterwards. The couple happily lived together for some 55 years. He was a maître de at a local restaurant, she was a housewife raising two daughters.

It was difficult to choose a winner from so many great photos that were submitted. See the slideshow below for all the entries provided. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved all the beautiful wedding photos!
    There is something so special about the people in the wedding photos.

    Could you do another competition like this with a similar family theme?
  2. its wonderful to know your passed regards maria farrell
  3. I love the photo of my grandparents sent to the contest by my cousin Erwin from America. It brings me a lot of nice memories-:)
    Alina, Poland
  4. Just loved the slide show, we should have more competitions like this, enjoyed all the family photos - fabulous!
  5. I just learned about this slideshow. Is it too late to add an entry? I am not concerned about winning any contest. On the day my grandparents were saying their marriage vows, the HMS Titanic was sinking in 1912. I have a great photo.

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