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Monumental milestones: Remember important moments

We recently experienced a milestone on the MyHeritage Facebook page, and reached over 100,000 fans.

Thank you to all our readers and users for their support. This event  got me thinking about monumental milestones, which come in various forms.

These can be an action or event marking a significant change such our first steps, our first memory and the first words we spoke.

These firsts are unique moments which leave lasting memories to record in our personal histories.

Anniversaries are another key event, whether it’s a platinum wedding anniversary - celebrating 70 years of marriage - or just getting through the first year of marriage!

A milestone can also mark a life  event, such as becoming  a teenager, a Sweet 16, a 21st birthday or even turning the big 50!

Recording these events preserves our family history and events. Build your family tree at MyHeritage, record these events and add photos!

Many of us remember these significant milestones in our lives. What was your most important age, event or anniversary?

Send us your personal stories of these important events and moments, or those of your ancestors.

Share them in the comments below, or email them to stories@myheritage.com

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