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Meshing surnames: A new wedding trend?

It’s not uncommon for people to change their given names or surnames, but a new trend is becoming popular among married couples in both the US and the UK.

Michael Pugh and Rebecca Griffin, who married nearly three years ago, are an example of this latest trend in the UK called "meshing,” where married couples fuse their surnames.

The couple took part of Michael’s surname “Pu” with part of Rebecca’s surname “Ffin.” Now they are the Puffins.

According to a BBC article, the couple had heard of the trend and wanted to experiment  to come up with something unique and new to bring into their marriage.

In 2012, over 800 British newlyweds had already meshed their surnames, and the numbers are rising.

According to the UK Deed Poll Service, a name change authority in the UK, it is also possible to adopt a common surname as a couple, even without a marriage certificate.

Instead of taking one surname and giving up the other, “meshing” allows a choice to keep a name similar to your own, yet share your partner’s surname and provides a new name with a twist.

“Meshing” originated in the US. One of the trend's pioneers is Antonio Villaraigosa - mayor of Los Angeles, California - who combined his surname “Villar” with his wife’s name “Raigosa.”

What does this mean for family history and genealogy? Will be harder to trace the lineage of families with this new trend, or will it make discovering relatives more exciting?

What would be your “meshed” surname? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Smiree or Mcith!!! [Smith/McCree] Ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  2. morrissey + doherty it would either be Domor or Mordo which sound like Do More or More DO HA HA HA
  3. Mine would be Prones.... price and Jones. Just NO!
  4. Wheeler and Muller -- Guess we already did it: Wheeler or Muller:-)
  5. What happens if they divorce?
    The kids are Puffins but do the parents go back to their original names? If not what happens when they remarry? The mind boggles with it all.
  6. Mine I guess would be Medon which is Meier/Donaldson. But I agree with Jean Nichols what in the world happens if they get divorced.

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