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Competition: The oldest wedding photo, Part 2

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s oldest wedding photo competition. All the entries were fantastic and captured the beauty and significance of the person’s special day. The oldest entry was from 1846!

With over 40 photos received, participation was above our expectations. It was great to see the lives of your families and the rich history brought to life with the stories that accompanied them.

We've selected the top 10 photos and want you to vote for the final winner.  Below you can see the top 10 photos in no particular order:

1. Wedding of Matthew Patrick to Jane Lillian Taylor; in Blythswood, Glasgow, Scotland; October 14, 1927.

2. William Patrick Dowling and wife Lily Rhienhart (standing) with Roger Corbett and Kate Campbell; Auckland, New Zealand; 1897.

3. Louis (Essiah Leib) Snoparsky and Jennie (Sheindle) Gordon; Providence, Rhode Island; March 19, 1929.

4. Kálmán János and Kálmán Hermina; Budapest, Hungary; November 27, 1869.

5. Michael Hoda (1882-1937) and Maria Kuklova (1889-1970); Ostrava, Marianske Hory, Czech Republic; November 11, 1911.

6. Beatrice Elizabeth Ash and James Frederick Parker; June 6, 1910.

7. Jozsef Klein and Terez Webermann; Eger, Hungary; March 25, 1894.

8. Antonie Peeters (1885-1968) and Pieternella Adriana François (1884-1966); Rotterdam, Netherlands; October 25, 1910.

9. Ashton and Abigail Highfill Hundley; Atchison, Kansas; June 11, 1901.

10. Stella and Harry Theologes; Chicago, Illinois; March 20, 1912.

Voting will last through April 30, with results posted in early May.

Vote below for the wedding photo you think should win.

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  1. nice picture
  2. absolutely LOVE the Scottish wedding! smiles on all the people, and a kilt on that little bitty! the flowers are gorgeous!
  4. Love the simple but elegant look
  5. Enjoyed photo # 9, my Grandparents

    William (Bill) C. Hundley, Jr.
  6. #8 photo, his hair was neat, coat fit well, pants hung great, shoes were shined, top hat was sharp, her dress was gorgious, fit will, picture was sharp. Loved the picture.
  7. I would like to view all the wedding photographs and histories that were presented for the competition. All photographs would be culturally, historically, and genealogically beneficial to be viewed and preserved on myheritage.com
  8. Oh my gosh all the photos are beautiful but I chose number 8
  9. #8. They looked happy.
  10. Could you post all of the wedding photographs and histories that were submitted for this contest? The photographs and histories would be valuable culturally, historically, and for genealogical purposes as well.
  11. Just found it fascinating that the bride wore black.
  12. I loved the smiles and the kilt in #1!
  13. I chose 10. They're both smiling and dressed well. Obviously a beautiful, thoughtful wedding.

    They appear truly authentic to me. Plus they are from Chicago which makes them American, homegrown, so to speak. Even if they weren't born here, they're parents probably immigrated here making them the people that we have originated from. This picture is beautiful in so many ways.
  14. Hi E.H,

    Stay tuned on the blog as we will be posting the winner and all entry photos this week.
  15. They are all beautiful, it is so important to preserve these photos for future generations - they are all winners!

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