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Family: Conformists or not?

Some families have numerous rebels, who purposely choose unusual or unique behaviors, as well as conformists, who choose to follow what the family considers good behavior.

Many genealogists love to find the rebels among their ancestors. These may be those truly adventurous souls who were the only people in their immediate family to immigrate to another country or continent. They may have been artists, musicians or political activists, whose interests were very different from their siblings and parents.

Does social pressure play a part in this? Is it nature or nurture? Do we love a movie because our friends and family do, which means we want to be part of that group? Or do we want to be different from everyone else?

According to a Baylor University (Texas) sociological study, conformity leads to positive feelings, attachments, solidarity, and these motivate people to continue that behavior. The study also explores contributions for the greater good.

Do you have non-conformists in your family or among your ancestors? Who were the adventurous ones? Do you have a famous non-conformist among your ancestors? What made them different from their relatives?

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  1. My Scotish Marine engineer grandfather Robert Robert's cousin (another Robert Roberts), who were brought up together in the same 'block of apartments, in 1850's. (They were educated together). This cousin Robert Roberts began the Christadelphian Church with a Dr. John Thomas, as dissenters from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. All the family until now, became Christadelphians and followers are found all over the world, but particularly in Britain and America. We as a family have conformed to this 'discipline' and married within its quite strict confines, until my generation. Then most of us have not needed to conform to our parents religion. But we are mostly 'non-conformists' and fragmentation of family ties is happening.....
  2. Robert Roberts (Marine Engineer) was my great great grandfather!
  3. My Great great Grandfather (William Harvey) Slave Master and large land owner in westmorland Jamaica had two brothers David and Theodore who broke away from the injustices of the slave practice ,and Married two coloured Girls ,went and bought a property that they renamed (Harvey River) They were considered to be expelled from the rest of the Harvey Family as in those days you just do not marry any one but of your own colour, David and Theodore were very socialistic in their thinking and represented the slaves in Court and were considered to be village lawyers. (PLease read the Book written by Lorna Goodison (from Harvey River) she is also a Decendant of David Harvey

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