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Childhood: Your first memory?

In my Florida childhood days

Recently someone asked about my first childhood memory. I began to think about some of my “first” moments. My first steps, the first taste of candy, or my first word.

But were these really my own memories or just stories about these events told to me by my parents?

We all have memories of growing up, but it's difficult to distinguish between those we really remember and those our families repeated throughout our childhoods.

Scientists believe that, from age 3, a child begins to retain images and events from his or her life. These often relate to our family - especially our parents - and animals.

One of my first memories was of water.

I grew up in Florida - the “sunshine state” - where there are many pools, lakes and ocean beaches. At 3, I had my first swimming lesson.

I remember that first splash into the water as the  instructor gently placed me into the water. It was freezing even in the heat of the sun.

The pool seemed massive and endless. I was nervous as I couldn't touch the bottom with my feet.

The instructor held my head up as we swam together in the water, reassuring me that all was fine. In the background, I heard my parents shouting words of encouragement as they beamed with joy.

Slowly the initial fear went away, and I began to feel like a mermaid, gliding through the pool.

To this day, I remember those first splashes. Each time I go to the sea or step into a pool, I feel like that little mermaid of so long ago.

What is your first childhood memory?  How old were you? Tell us about it in the comments below or post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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  1. When I was just two years old, I was told by my parents that we were going to see our new house. I recall that we walked up there, my younger sister in a pram and me in a pushchair. The foundations had just been dug and I remember looking at this in a state of shock and thinking "We can't live here!"
  2. I remember my memories since 2 years old. But more than that, I also remember what I was thinking. This is a strange memory, I never met so far with any person who can remember what they were thinking, they can only remember what they told at that moment. I have two types of memories, I am still searching about it. How come I remember my thoughts since 2 years old!
  3. My first memory is when I was five ,trying to run away from home with my sister .We had moved to NFLD and we wanted to back to Alberta.So we started walking along the train tracks .thinking as most five year olds do.If we kept walking we would get there.Only to be found wandering along by the local police and they picked us up and took us back to where we had been staying with my Grand Father .Boy we got wicked spanking that night.Soon after we moved to NS ,where my Mother was from.And that became home,till we grew up .and now the six children are scattered from coast to coast.But Alberta will always be my home.
  4. I remember many incidents from my early childhood. However I will never be certain which is the earliest!

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