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Weddings: Celebrating the present, remembering the past

At family celebrations, and especially at weddings, we tend to think about those relatives who are no longer with us.

My colleague Javier showed me an article in the Spanish magazine Zankyou, which discusses marriage as the merging of two family trees, and therefore the perfect occasion to honor our ancestors.

The article suggests some very original ways to not only think about those relatives who have passed on, but actually incorporate genealogy in our wedding celebrations.

One way is with jewelry. Some people choose to wear a special family heirloom, like a brooch, others use their ancestors' rings as their own wedding bands.

Artist Ashley Gilreath takes it one step further. Ashley specializes in creating pieces that fuse heirlooms with their story, and like the necklace below, with genealogy.

Genealogical necklace by Ashley Gilreath. Photo: Ashley Gilreath.

Genealogy necklace by Ashley Gilreath. Photo: Ashley Gilreath.

Other suggestions include decorating tables with old family photos,  or bespoke family photo cuff-links for the groom.

Custom Cufflinks. Photo: PhotoJule @ Etsy.

Custom Cufflinks. Photo: PhotoJule @ Etsy.

Have you ever attended a genealogy themed wedding? How do you remember ancestors at your family events?

Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Maybe not appropriate for this blog but In the heading is "remembering the past." I recently watched a TV programme about a lady who was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years ago & decided to prepare for her funeral. She bought a cardboard coffin & had it in her garage. She got all her friends to autograph the top and had photographs around the sides. I thought that this was such a good idea that I think I will do something similar with my coffin and have my my family tree on top & all of my ancestors round the sides.
  2. Not sure about the necklace idea, though it's interesting, but the cufflinks are kind of neat.
  3. I really like the necklace and have photos of my Civil War ancestors and others. It would be kind of nice having them to show off and a real conversation piece.
  4. I just love this beautiful necklace!!!!
  5. a very good idea:) Thanks:)

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