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Poll: Family history in the genes?

Family history is important to us and, as a reader of this blog, it's probably important to you, too!

While family history is a fascinating subject, with more and more people getting involved than ever before, sometimes the desire to research our family history also runs in the family!

Some of us have family trees that have been passed down through the generations. Others are inspired to find out more via the stories our relatives share with us.

We want to know if researching family history runs in your family? Did your parents and grandparents research their family history? Were you inspired by their research? Alternatively, are you the first of your relatives to catch the genea-bug?

Let us know in the poll (or comments) below:

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  1. I was handed down a family tree compiled by first cousins of my grandmother. It's truly a treasure trove! They did an incredible job collecting and documenting information. I don't know where I would be today if they hadn't preserved the tree. I'm truly grateful! At the same time, they are grateful that the younger generation has taken this on. My on-line tree has brought their tree for to life, by adding photos and much more! It's a wonderful multi-generational collaboration! http://the-past-to-the-present.blogspot.com
  2. I find that a lot of people in my family are very interested in what I'm doing and what I find, but no one is interested in doing it with me or on their own! That's OK, though. I don't mind sharing my passion and findings!
  3. Same situation with me Kirsi. They all make comments at family reunions how much they enjoy my Facebook posts, yet no one steps up to say, " Can I do anything to help ? " :-)

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