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Family: Grandmother’s favorite dish

When we think of our grandmothers, we immediately think about their warmth and their food!

Grandmothers around the world are famous for the culinary treats they lovingly prepare for family.

Both my grandmothers died many years ago, but I remember their cooking as if I tasted it yesterday. Although they came from different countries and backgrounds, each had her specialties. These matriarchs' dishes were the family favorites!

An article on My Modern Met compares dishes of grandmothers around the world, and shows photos of the women with their flagship dishes.

While the food varies (as expected from women in different countries) the idea that grandmothers are the caring providers of food for both stomach and soul, appears consistent in every country.

What was - or is - your grandmother's dish? Perhaps in your family, your grandfather did - or does - the cooking?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. my grandma made the best rice pudding ever
  2. My grandmother had a very special recipe, putting all the leftovers together and made a whole new dish. Didn't like it too well. My mother did better than that.
  3. My paternal grandmother had a large brood of kids, and she always tried to satisfy their sweet tooth with various pies. Her best were mincemeat (definitely NOT my fav!), and blueberry. Just mentioning it and I can almost smell one coming warm out of the oven. I wish I had inherited her pastry skills, but, alas, I am afraid they skipped my generation -- only one of the grandchildren bakes pastry. My maternal grandmother liked mostly simple dishes and I don't really remember any standout dish (she died when I was really young), but I do remember meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
  4. My grandmother made a special chocolate cake for my birthday each year. I cannot replicate it.
  5. My grandmother died 30 years ago but I still remember the beautiful sponge cake that she made. It was called light as air sponge and it really was.
  6. My Grandmother is remembered for her spaghetti sauce. One with tomatoes and the one made with anchovies for Christmas Eve.
  7. Of course, like everyone's grandmothers, mine has the best cooking. A couple of years ago I told her that she needed to write down all of her recipes for the family to have and enjoy. That summer her and I spent a lot of time writing down the recipes and creating a family cookbook that we gave everyone for Christmas. You can see a digital copy of her cookbook on our Ivory Family Association website, GenerationIvory.

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