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MyHeritage: Holiday competition!

Many of our most special memories come from spending time with our families over the holidays.

We remember the dinners, gifts, songs and jokes we shared. Wonderful testimonials to these unique moments are the photos we will treasure for ever.

For this year's holiday competition, we're asking readers to share their holiday memories for a chance to win a brand new digital camera!

All you need to do is share your favorite holiday memory either in a comment below or - if a photo - email it to stories@myheritage.com by January 2, 2013. We'll announce the lucky winner on January 3.

Happy Holidays!

The MyHeritage team

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  1. My favorite holiday memory was back in 1996 when I was twelve years old. My sister's cat had had kittens and it was arranged that my brother and I(who were fourteen and ten years younger respectively)could have one of them. She and my mother staged an argument over the phone about bringing a kitten with her when she came home for Christmas.When we opened our gifts Christmas morning,we found a couple of bowls and some food,but were really confused.Imagine our surprise and utter joy when the kitten was handed to us.I burst into tears,I was so happy.I'm sad to say that my poor little kitty went to Heaven this year at the age of sixteen,but that Christmas will always be in my memories.
  2. Thanks for sharing Sarah!
  3. My favorite memory is having a proper Christmas dinner at my Aunty and Uncles house. They lived in a very big house and we would eat in the formal dinning room. The table was always beautifully set and we ate till we were full. Afterwards my Aunty would bring in the Christmas Pudding which always had old sixpences in them, it used to fascinate us. My brother and I never really liked the pudding but would mash it up to see how many sixpence we would find. We then got to swap them for 5 cent pieces. Without fail every year my Dad would take a mouthful of pudding and then pretend he was choking on a sixpence. We only fell for it once but he still did it every year much to our groans of horror. I miss those days
  4. My favourite holiday moment was in our caravan in Anglesey, it was a beautiful clear night and the kids and i lay on the grass and watched shooting stars in the perseid meteor shower.
  5. My favorite memory is watching old holiday movies with my Mom and brother. We used to watch all the classics claymations like Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (with the abominable Snow Man), and Frosty the Snowman. We would always have a crackling fire, and when we weren’t watching movies, we had Nat King Cole LPs spinning on the family’s old Floor Model Magnavox stereo/record player.
  6. My favorite Christmas Memory and one we never let my younger brother forget, was back when my younger brother was 5 and I was 10 and my older brother was 12. We got a puppy for Christmas, a cute little black puppy with little white markings on its chest, tip of its tail and 3 out of 4 paws. We named him Pepper. Well that night we had made a bed for the puppy in the utility room right next to the bathroom. None of us kids wanted to go to bed Christmas night, we all wanted to stay up and play with the puppy. Getting my youngest brother to be was the hardest. My little brother often got up in the middle of the night to use the bathrooms so in the middle of the night the whole house was startled awake by the puppy’s sharp barking. My younger brother basically walking in his sleep, instead of turning into the bathroom had turned in to the utility room and pee peed all over the poor puppy.
  7. A Family Christmas Tale.

    World War II ended in Indonesia, formerly known as the Dutch East Indies, with Japan’s unconditional surrender on 15 August 1945. Although my mother, my younger sister and I spent most of the war years in an internment camp on Java and my father as a prisoner of war on Flores, we somehow miraculously all four survived. Just about a year later, on 24 July 1946, my 6th birthday, we boarded ship for ‘repatriation’ to The Netherlands. Mama was four months pregnant. When we arrived, we were very fortunate to be taken in by a cousin of my father and her family. My eldest brother was born on 24 December 1946, Christmas Eve, in her house.

    It had been snowing and it was very cold. The younger of my two cousins, just a year older than I, was given the job of keeping my little sister and me out of the way and out of the house, so he took us sledding that morning. We were out there for hours. It started snowing again. It got colder and colder—much too cold for our thin tropical blood. We were miserable and finally started crying to go home. When we were allowed back inside just as it was starting to get dark, so about four o'clock in the afternoon, we had a little brother. He was a beautiful baby with his paternal grandfather’s coloring, grey eyes and features, as Dutch-looking as a little boy could possibly be (unlike his dark sisters) and a very good and easy-going child. Papa was so pleased and proud. He would say that he had to do it twice before he could do it right and put the tassle on. We knew he was joking, but my sister and I were never pleased to hear him say that. His first son remained Papa's pride and joy and favored child, even though my parents had four more boys.
  8. I have so many favorite christmas Memories. but the best was when my Sister & Brother got married in Aug then sept. and they brought my grandparents in to stay till Feb. the next year. I never had a christmas with them before they live 3 states away. We had a very old-fashioned Christmas that year I was 14. My grandparents did add that special touch that year. I road the bus the first time with them to the mall to shop and had my photo taken with them and santa. We had the best and biggest dinner that year both Ham and Turkey with all the fixens. I had Aunt and Uncles and cousins that I had never met. I even got the best gifts it seemed that year. I recieved an rescued puppy a hope chest and my first diamond jewelry. I miss my grandparent so much and had never gotten to see them only every other summer or so this was the first winter and what a nice winter in the Chicago area Dec. 1980.
  9. My favorite time of the year is Fall with harvest time and the holidays. In 1958 at the age of 2 1/2 years old I was living with my family in Amarillo, Texas at the house at 1628 N Manhattan in Amarillo. Today in 2012 this house is still standing with even the same false shutter trim on each side of the front windows. At the time my brother was 6 years old. I remember so clearly Christmas that year. My parents went shopping to buy our Christmas presents a large local 2 floor department store. I remember being carried as we went down the escalator in the department store. While looking down as we descended on the Escalator I remember seeing the store was busy with the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers. The Jewelry counter was busy, I remember seeing the clothes racks full of clothing. This was the year that my parents bought 2 red parka's for my brother and I. That same year I also remember my brother got his first electric train for Christmas.

    I remember also a Christmas party which my dad's company held for their employee's and their families. They had Santa there with with his big red sleigh loaded with a large bag which was to represent lots of toys and reindeer hitched to the sleigh. The reindeer were live. Not animated. My parents took us to see Santa. I remember getting from Santa a small loaf of Wonder Bread, which was the company Dad worked for at the time. Wonder Bread was my favorite bread. It was always so moist and smelled fresh like it had just been freshly baked and came out of the oven. If I remember correctly this Christmas party was the same year that I remember my brother and I getting our Red Parka's for Christmas.

    That winter it snowed several inches fell. We had Brownie our family dog at the time. I remember the snow had stopped and my brother and I had put on our Red Parka's and snow boots. We went out into the snow to play and throw snow balls, the snow was so deep I walked out of my snow boots. So I had to hop on my brother's back and he carried me to the house, then he went back out in the yard to get my boots which got stuck in the snow.
  10. We had the' Saddle Newbigin ' reunion of 151 years of arriving in New Zealand on December ,Christmas day at Kinloch, Taupo, New Zealand, on the shores of the Great Lake. What a day with thirty six present to a sit down dinner in a superb setting, brilliant hot weather, the young swimming most of the day and they had a ball.
    Us oldies had a delightful day with a toast to our forefathers and our present family for a long and healthy life. It was brilliant.
  11. my favorite heritage holiday was christmas because we get presents and other things too but most importantly ,it was the saviour's birthday.my favorite memory was when my mother had somany candy and money she hid them and we had to find them.and we went to grandmarket ,that's my favorit heritage holiday ,hope i win,good luck every one

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