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Elections: Voting memories

Although voting for the 2012 election is still ongoing - and we won't know the results until tomorrow - we're wondering about your voting memories.

I remember going with my mother to vote at our local elementary school in the Bronx (New York) when I was a very young child. Many of my classmates also went with their parents.

What are your election day memories? Did you accompany your parents? Or was your first voting experience as an adult?

Let us know in the comments below.

No matter the results, some people will be happy while others will be angry or depressed. It is natural. How does one get over these emotional reactions?

Elections are emotional and affect people differently. After the election, no matter who wins, some will have problems with the outcome.

Psychiatrist Dr. Asim Shah prescribes staying away from TV, radio, social media and internet coverage to help with post-election blues that can include depression, anger and anxiety.

The Baylor College School of Medicine associate professor of psychiatry says post-election stress just doesn’t happen in the US.

He reported that, in 2004, Taiwan faced a hot election, and psychiatrists later diagnosed about 10 percent of the population with depression and anxiety. The phrase – post-election stress syndrome – was coined.

“You don’t see a lot of people who are able to accept a decision so quickly that goes against them,” Shah says. “And just telling people on the losing side, ‘Oh don’t worry, everything will be OK,’ doesn’t help. It just might make things worse.”

He recommends that people take time to come to terms with the results, and that they should enjoy exercising, watching comedies, cooking, gardening or sporting events.

We’d like to add genealogy to that list!

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  1. Mamá se encontró en el grupo de mujeres que votaron por primera vez en Argentina. Votó cada vez que tuvo la posibilidad, hasta sus últimos días. Cuando iba a votar, se vestía como para un evento importante. La acompañé muy pocas veces, solo en los últimos años de su vida. En la última oportunidad que votó la aplaudieron por su interés de seguir participando en un acto de civilidad, tenía 90 años. Salió orgllosa y le contó a todo su entorno lo ocurrido

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