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Felix Baumgartner: Is ‘adventure’ in your family?

Yesterday, millions of people around the world witnessed Felix Baumgartner jump from the edge of space.
Felix jumping from his capsule. Credit: Red Bull Stratos

Felix jumping from his capsule. Credit: Red Bull Stratos

Felix broke several world records in accomplishing this incredible feat which saw him break the speed of sound. He set a new skydiving record, at about 128,000 ft (39 km), reaching a speed of about 834 mph (1,342 kmh), or Mach 1.24.

He also broke a YouTube world record for number of concurrent views (about 8 million people watched the space jump live).

This isn't the first time Felix has tried something like this - watch some of his 'top' free falls on YouTube.

Felix celebrates upon landing. Credit: Red Bull Stratos

Felix celebrates upon landing. Credit: Red Bull Stratos

Clearly, Felix has an incredible sense of adventure. We're interested in knowing about your own family stories of adventure.

Do you have adventurous relatives, or were your ancestors adventurous? What's the most adventurous thing a family member has accomplished?

Let us know in the comments below.

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